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3b5ce6df0SChristoph M. Becker?? ??? ????, PHP 7.3.26
4b5ce6df0SChristoph M. Becker
5b5ce6df0SChristoph M. Becker
6b5ce6df0SChristoph M. Becker26 Nov 2020, PHP 7.3.25
72d01a89aSChristoph M. Becker
82be27074SChristoph M. Becker- Core:
92be27074SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #80280 (ADD_EXTENSION_DEP() fails for ext/standard and ext/date).
102be27074SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
11848e24f2SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #80258 (Windows Deduplication Enabled, randon permission errors).
12848e24f2SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
132be27074SChristoph M. Becker
147424bfc7SChristoph M. Becker- COM:
157424bfc7SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #62474 (com_event_sink crashes on certain arguments). (cmb)
167424bfc7SChristoph M. Becker
176d2bc725SChristoph M. Becker- DOM:
186d2bc725SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #80268 (loadHTML() truncates at NUL bytes). (cmb)
196d2bc725SChristoph M. Becker
20db8bf0a9SChristoph M. Becker- IMAP:
21db8bf0a9SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #64076 (imap_sort() does not return FALSE on failure). (cmb)
2212a09183SGeorge Peter Banyard  . Fixed bug #76618 (segfault on imap_reopen). (girgias)
235941b30bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #80239 (imap_rfc822_write_address() leaks memory). (cmb)
247f3bdda2SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed minor regression caused by fixing bug #80220. (cmb)
25315b95b0SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #80242 (imap_mail_compose() segfaults for multipart with rfc822).
26315b95b0SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
272d01a89aSChristoph M. Becker
288eaaabddSAlexander M. Turek- Intl:
298eaaabddSAlexander M. Turek  . Fixed bug #80310 (ext-intl with icu4c 68.1: use of undeclared identifier
308eaaabddSAlexander M. Turek    'TRUE'). (Alexander M. Turek)
318eaaabddSAlexander M. Turek
32c21e901bSChristoph M. Becker- ODBC:
33c21e901bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #44618 (Fetching may rely on uninitialized data). (cmb)
34c21e901bSChristoph M. Becker
359690ded2SChristoph M. Becker- SNMP:
369690ded2SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #70461 (disable md5 code when it is not supported in net-snmp).
379690ded2SChristoph M. Becker    (Alexander Bergmann, cmb)
389690ded2SChristoph M. Becker
392cab085bSChristoph M. Becker- Standard:
402cab085bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #80266 (parse_url silently drops port number 0). (cmb, Nikita)
412cab085bSChristoph M. Becker
422d01a89aSChristoph M. Becker29 Oct 2020, PHP 7.3.24
43edddddceSChristoph M. Becker
444000780bSChristoph M. Becker- Core:
454000780bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79423 (copy command is limited to size of file it can copy).
464000780bSChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
474000780bSChristoph M. Becker
48e857dfa7SChristoph M. Becker- Calendar:
49e857dfa7SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #80185 (jdtounix() fails after 2037). (cmb)
50e857dfa7SChristoph M. Becker
518bee0fbdSChristoph M. Becker- IMAP:
528bee0fbdSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #80213 (imap_mail_compose() segfaults on certain $bodies). (cmb)
5362a2387aSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #80215 (imap_mail_compose() may modify by-val parameters). (cmb)
540d022ddfSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #80220 (imap_mail_compose() may leak memory). (cmb)
55c1962e90SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #80223 (imap_mail_compose() leaks envelope on malformed bodies).
56c1962e90SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
5773e43b6eSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #80216 (imap_mail_compose() does not validate types/encodings).
5873e43b6eSChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
598488c34fSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #80226 (imap_sort() leaks sortpgm memory). (cmb)
608bee0fbdSChristoph M. Becker
61efdbc368SChristoph M. Becker- MySQLnd:
62efdbc368SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #80115 (mysqlnd.debug doesn't recognize absolute paths with
63efdbc368SChristoph M. Becker    slashes). (cmb)
64ecd9c42fSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #80107 (mysqli_query() fails for ~16 MB long query when
65ecd9c42fSNikita Popov    compression is enabled). (Nikita)
66efdbc368SChristoph M. Becker
67610e7d2cSChristoph M. Becker- ODBC:
68610e7d2cSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78470 (odbc_specialcolumns() no longer accepts $nullable). (cmb)
69a49555a9SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #80147 (BINARY strings may not be properly zero-terminated).
70a49555a9SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
71df5efa2fSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #80150 (Failure to fetch error message). (cmb)
72bf5f07ccSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #80152 (odbc_execute() moves internal pointer of $params). (cmb)
7369ba81d1SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #46050 (odbc_next_result corrupts prepared resource). (cmb)
74610e7d2cSChristoph M. Becker
75a4f806aaSNikita Popov- OPcache:
76a4f806aaSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #80083 (Optimizer pass 6 removes variables used for ibm_db2 data
77a4f806aaSNikita Popov    binding). (Nikita)
78edddddceSChristoph M. Becker
796acfb792SChristoph M. Becker- PDO_ODBC:
806acfb792SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #67465 (NULL Pointer dereference in odbc_handle_preparer). (cmb)
816acfb792SChristoph M. Becker
8281b2f3e5SChristoph M. Becker- Standard:
8381b2f3e5SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #80114 (parse_url does not accept URLs with port 0). (cmb, twosee)
845ed0602eSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76943 (Inconsistent stream_wrapper_restore() errors). (cmb)
852576c57aSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76735 (Incorrect message in fopen on invalid mode). (cmb)
8681b2f3e5SChristoph M. Becker
87e68acd03SChristoph M. Becker- Tidy:
88e68acd03SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77040 (tidyNode::isHtml() is completely broken). (cmb)
89e68acd03SChristoph M. Becker
90edddddceSChristoph M. Becker01 Oct 2020, PHP 7.3.23
91ff14b7adSChristoph M. Becker
921848ccdaSChristoph M. Becker- Core:
931848ccdaSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #80048 (Bug #69100 has not been fixed for Windows). (cmb)
9446a49be6SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #80049 (Memleak when coercing integers to string via variadic
9546a49be6SNikita Popov    argument). (Nikita)
96ae95d06fSStanislav Malyshev  . Fixed bug #79699 (PHP parses encoded cookie names so malicious `__Host-` 
97ae95d06fSStanislav Malyshev    cookies can be sent). (CVE-2020-7070) (Stas)
981848ccdaSChristoph M. Becker
99b2a33ab0SAndy Postnikov- Calendar:
100b2a33ab0SAndy Postnikov  . Fixed bug #80007 (Potential type confusion in unixtojd() parameter parsing).
101b2a33ab0SAndy Postnikov    (Andy Postnikov)
102ff14b7adSChristoph M. Becker
1035ff15e26SChristoph M. Becker- COM:
1045ff15e26SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #64130 (COM obj parameters passed by reference are not updated).
1055ff15e26SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
1065ff15e26SChristoph M. Becker
107fcd26ffcSChristoph M. Becker- OPcache:
108fcd26ffcSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #80002 (calc free space for new interned string is wrong).
109fcd26ffcSChristoph M. Becker    (t-matsuno)
1102d4aa1efSSammy Kaye Powers  . Fixed bug #79825 (opcache.file_cache causes SIGSEGV when custom opcode
1112d4aa1efSSammy Kaye Powers    handlers changed). (SammyK)
112fcd26ffcSChristoph M. Becker
113ae95d06fSStanislav Malyshev- OpenSSL:
114ae95d06fSStanislav Malyshev  . Fixed bug #79601 (Wrong ciphertext/tag in AES-CCM encryption for a 12 
115ae95d06fSStanislav Malyshev    bytes IV). (CVE-2020-7069) (Jakub Zelenka)
116ae95d06fSStanislav Malyshev
11744ade0e8SMatteo Beccati- PDO:
11844ade0e8SMatteo Beccati  . Fixed bug #80027 (Terrible performance using $query->fetch on queries with
1191666cfccSMatteo Beccati    many bind parameters). (Matteo)
1201666cfccSMatteo Beccati
1211666cfccSMatteo Beccati- SOAP:
1221666cfccSMatteo Beccati  . Fixed bug #47021 (SoapClient stumbles over WSDL delivered with
1231666cfccSMatteo Beccati    "Transfer-Encoding: chunked"). (Matteo)
12444ade0e8SMatteo Beccati
125844a2dd6SChristoph M. Becker- Standard:
126844a2dd6SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79986 (str_ireplace bug with diacritics characters). (cmb)
12707cb6655SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #80077 (getmxrr test bug). (Rainer Jung)
1285dcb8f2fSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #72941 (Modifying bucket->data by-ref has no effect any longer).
1295dcb8f2fSChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
130dfb3a799SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #80067 (Omitting the port in bindto setting errors). (cmb)
131844a2dd6SChristoph M. Becker
132ff14b7adSChristoph M. Becker03 Sep 2020, PHP 7.3.22
1332c0a6977SChristoph M. Becker
13415efb96dSChristoph M. Becker- Core:
13515efb96dSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79884 (PHP_CONFIG_FILE_PATH is meaningless). (cmb)
1366f18d7e2SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77932 (File extensions are case-sensitive). (cmb)
137c756f82cSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79806 (realpath() erroneously resolves link to link). (cmb)
138e767ca60SSantiago M. Mola  . Fixed bug #79895 (PHP_CHECK_GCC_ARG does not allow flags with equal sign).
139e767ca60SSantiago M. Mola    (Santiago M. Mola)
1401e0bc6e3SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79919 (Stack use-after-scope in define()). (cmb)
14106ade155SPieter van den Ham  . Fixed bug #79934 (CRLF-only line in heredoc causes parsing error).
14206ade155SPieter van den Ham    (Pieter van den Ham)
14315efb96dSChristoph M. Becker
144dc108feaSChristoph M. Becker- COM:
145dc108feaSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #48585 (com_load_typelib holds reference, fails on second call).
146dc108feaSChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
147dc108feaSChristoph M. Becker
1482fa4ca95SNawarian- Exif:
1492fa4ca95SNawarian  . Fixed bug #75785 (Many errors from exif_read_data).
1502fa4ca95SNawarian    (N��ckolas Daniel da Silva)
1525be67026SFlorian Engelhardt- Gettext:
1535be67026SFlorian Engelhardt  . Fixed bug #70574 (Tests fail due to relying on Linux fallback behavior for
1545be67026SFlorian Engelhardt    gettext()). (Florian Engelhardt)
1555be67026SFlorian Engelhardt
156efe6d96bSPaweł Tomulik- LDAP:
157efe6d96bSPaweł Tomulik  . Fixed memory leaks. (ptomulik)
158efe6d96bSPaweł Tomulik
1599a744c66SChristoph M. Becker- OPcache:
1609a744c66SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #73060 (php failed with error after temp folder cleaned up).
1619a744c66SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
1629a744c66SChristoph M. Becker
1632fe2e5b4SAhmed Abdou- PDO:
1642fe2e5b4SAhmed Abdou  . Fixed bug #64705 (errorInfo property of PDOException is null when
1652fe2e5b4SAhmed Abdou    PDO::__construct() fails). (Ahmed Abdou)
1662fe2e5b4SAhmed Abdou
167da786a22SNikita Popov- Standard:
168da786a22SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #79930 (array_merge_recursive() crashes when called with array
169da786a22SNikita Popov    with single reference). (Nikita)
170a06eed0cSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #79944 (getmxrr always returns true on Alpine linux). (Nikita)
1719d9dffe6SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #79951 (Memory leak in str_replace of empty string). (Nikita)
172da786a22SNikita Popov
1730af3f493SChristoph M. Becker- XML:
1740af3f493SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79922 (Crash after multiple calls to xml_parser_free()). (cmb)
1750af3f493SChristoph M. Becker
176c4677af6SChristoph M. Becker06 Aug 2020, PHP 7.3.21
17791982badSChristoph M. Becker
1784a26628bSHerbert- Apache:
1794a26628bSHerbert  . Fixed bug #79030 (Upgrade apache2handler's php_apache_sapi_get_request_time
1804a26628bSHerbert    to return usec). (Herbert256)
182b765f96fSNikita Popov- Core:
18317d64af1SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79877 (getimagesize function silently truncates after a null 
18417d64af1SChristoph M. Becker    byte) (cmb)
185b765f96fSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #79778 (Assertion failure if dumping closure with unresolved
186b765f96fSNikita Popov    static variable). (Nikita)
18764931fd3SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #79792 (HT iterators not removed if empty array is destroyed).
18864931fd3SNikita Popov    (Nikita)
189b765f96fSNikita Popov
190a385cfa7SChristoph M. Becker- COM:
191a385cfa7SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #63208 (BSTR to PHP string conversion not binary safe). (cmb)
192b2e3fd1eSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #63527 (DCOM does not work with Username, Password parameter).
193b2e3fd1eSChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
194b2e3fd1eSChristoph M. Becker
19543cd3f68SNikita Popov- Curl:
19643cd3f68SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #79741 (curl_setopt CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS asserts on object with
19743cd3f68SNikita Popov    declared properties). (Nikita)
19843cd3f68SNikita Popov
199816b4c12SChristoph M. Becker- Fileinfo:
200816b4c12SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79756 (finfo_file crash (FILEINFO_MIME)). (cmb)
201816b4c12SChristoph M. Becker
202e94126aaSChristoph M. Becker- FTP:
203e94126aaSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #55857 (ftp_size on large files). (cmb)
204e94126aaSChristoph M. Becker
2053d5de7d7SXXiang- Mbstring:
2063d5de7d7SXXiang  . Fixed bug #79787 (mb_strimwidth does not trim string). (XXiang)
20817d64af1SChristoph M. Becker- Phar:
20917d64af1SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79797 (Use of freed hash key in the phar_parse_zipfile
21017d64af1SChristoph M. Becker    function). (CVE-2020-7068) (cmb)
21117d64af1SChristoph M. Becker
2127f3bc642SChristoph M. Becker- Standard:
2137f3bc642SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #70362 (Can't copy() large 'data://' with open_basedir). (cmb)
214a72c53a0SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #79817 (str_replace() does not handle INDIRECT elements). (Nikita)
2152c57378bSAndy Postnikov  . Fixed bug #78008 (dns_check_record() always return true on Alpine).
2162c57378bSAndy Postnikov    (Andy Postnikov)
2177f3bc642SChristoph M. Becker
2182c0a6977SChristoph M. Becker09 Jul 2020, PHP 7.3.20
219c249f593SChristoph M. Becker
220923c45bdSChristoph M. Becker- Core:
221923c45bdSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79650 (php-win.exe 100% cpu lockup). (cmb)
222b8e7b30bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79668 (get_defined_functions(true) may miss functions). (cmb,
223b8e7b30bSChristoph M. Becker    Nikita)
2247ac0fb5aSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed possibly unsupported timercmp() usage. (cmb)
225c249f593SChristoph M. Becker
2265621c5faSChristoph M. Becker- Exif:
2275621c5faSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79687 (Sony picture - PHP Warning - Make, Model, MakerNotes). 
2285621c5faSChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
2295621c5faSChristoph M. Becker
230ceae8166SChristoph M. Becker- Filter:
231ceae8166SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #73527 (Invalid memory access in php_filter_strip). (cmb)
232ceae8166SChristoph M. Becker
23386e1f0eaSChristoph M. Becker- GD:
23486e1f0eaSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79676 (imagescale adds black border with IMG_BICUBIC). (cmb)
23586e1f0eaSChristoph M. Becker
236eadd9807SChristoph M. Becker- OpenSSL:
237eadd9807SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #62890 (default_socket_timeout=-1 causes connection to timeout).
238eadd9807SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
239eadd9807SChristoph M. Becker
24063bd8f38SChristoph M. Becker- PDO SQLite:
24163bd8f38SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79664 (PDOStatement::getColumnMeta fails on empty result set).
24263bd8f38SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
24363bd8f38SChristoph M. Becker
24432f377b0SNikita Popov- SPL:
24532f377b0SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #79710 (Reproducible segfault in error_handler during GC
24632f377b0SNikita Popov    involved an SplFileObject). (Nikita)
24732f377b0SNikita Popov
24812c59f66SChristoph M. Becker- Standard:
24912c59f66SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74267 (segfault with streams and invalid data). (cmb)
2506aff9a50SBöszörményi Zoltán  . Fixed bug #79579 (ZTS build of PHP 7.3.17 doesn't handle ERANGE for
2516aff9a50SBöszörményi Zoltán    posix_getgrgid and others). (B��sz��rm��nyi Zolt��n)
25212c59f66SChristoph M. Becker
253eac700b1SChristoph M. Becker11 Jun 2020, PHP 7.3.19
2546998cc50SChristoph M. Becker
255f33cf52fSChristoph M. Becker- Core:
256f33cf52fSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79566 (Private SHM is not private on Windows). (cmb)
257bdba0cd3SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79489 (.user.ini does not inherit). (cmb)
258f33cf52fSChristoph M. Becker
259d4bd6fb4SChristoph M. Becker- GD:
260d4bd6fb4SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79615 (Wrong GIF header written in GD GIFEncode). (sageptr, cmb)
261d4bd6fb4SChristoph M. Becker
262d1cd489aSChristoph M. Becker- MySQLnd:
263d1cd489aSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79596 (MySQL FLOAT truncates to int some locales). (cmb)
264d1cd489aSChristoph M. Becker
2657c1316ecSNikita Popov- Opcache:
2667c1316ecSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #79535 (PHP crashes with specific opcache.optimization_level).
2677c1316ecSNikita Popov    (Nikita)
2685bdb4ab7SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79588 (Boolean opcache settings ignore on/off values). (cmb)
2697c1316ecSNikita Popov
270c40a4944SChristoph M. Becker- Standard:
271c40a4944SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79561 (dns_get_record() fails with DNS_ALL). (cmb)
272c40a4944SChristoph M. Becker
27385e241c3SChristoph M. Becker14 May 2020, PHP 7.3.18
27433226c3aSChristoph M. Becker
275cf68bc41SNikita Popov- Core:
27685e241c3SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78875 (Long filenames cause OOM and temp files are not cleaned). 
27785e241c3SChristoph M. Becker    (CVE-2019-11048) (cmb)
27885e241c3SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78876 (Long variables in multipart/form-data cause OOM and temp 
27985e241c3SChristoph M. Becker    files are not cleaned). (CVE-2019-11048) (cmb)
280cf68bc41SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #79434 (PHP 7.3 and PHP-7.4 crash with NULL-pointer dereference
281cf68bc41SNikita Popov    on !CS constant). (Nikita)
28279a36ff7SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #79477 (casting object into array creates references). (Nikita)
28329968d8fSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79470 (PHP incompatible with 3rd party file system on demand).
28429968d8fSChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
28529968d8fSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78784 (Unable to interact with files inside a VFS for Git
28629968d8fSChristoph M. Becker    repository). (cmb)
287cf68bc41SNikita Popov
288efec22b7SChristoph M. Becker- DOM:
289efec22b7SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78221 (DOMNode::normalize() doesn't remove empty text nodes).
290efec22b7SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
291efec22b7SChristoph M. Becker
292fa10abd6SChristoph M. Becker- FCGI:
293fa10abd6SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79491 (Search for .user.ini extends up to root dir). (cmb)
294fa10abd6SChristoph M. Becker
295cc3af6fdSChristoph M. Becker- MBString:
296cc3af6fdSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79441 (Segfault in mb_chr() if internal encoding is unsupported).
297cc3af6fdSChristoph M. Becker    (Girgias)
298cc3af6fdSChristoph M. Becker
29994e09bfeSJoe Cai- OpenSSL:
30094e09bfeSJoe Cai  . Fixed bug #79497 (stream_socket_client() throws an unknown error sometimes
30194e09bfeSJoe Cai    with <1s timeout). (Joe Cai)
30294e09bfeSJoe Cai
303ccca2c44SChristoph M. Becker- Phar:
304ccca2c44SChristoph M. Becker  . Fix bug #79503 (Memory leak on duplicate metadata). (cmb)
305ccca2c44SChristoph M. Becker
30685e241c3SChristoph M. Becker- SimpleXML:
30785e241c3SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79528 (Different object of the same xml between 7.4.5 and
30885e241c3SChristoph M. Becker    7.4.4). (cmb)
30985e241c3SChristoph M. Becker
31095eaccd0Sdinosaur- Standard:
31195eaccd0Sdinosaur  . Fixed bug #79468 (SIGSEGV when closing stream handle with a stream filter
31295eaccd0Sdinosaur    appended). (dinosaur)
31433226c3aSChristoph M. Becker16 Apr 2020, PHP 7.3.17
3159dda3b9eSChristoph M. Becker
3162462f2daSChristoph M. Becker- Core:
3172462f2daSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79364 (When copy empty array, next key is unspecified). (cmb)
31853797c20SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78210 (Invalid pointer address). (cmb, Nikita)
3192462f2daSChristoph M. Becker
3202b5fc8e3SChristoph M. Becker- CURL:
3212b5fc8e3SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79199 (curl_copy_handle() memory leak). (cmb)
3222b5fc8e3SChristoph M. Becker
323d70058a1SNate Brunette- Date:
324d70058a1SNate Brunette  . Fixed bug #79396 (DateTime hour incorrect during DST jump forward). (Nate
325d70058a1SNate Brunette    Brunette)
326d70058a1SNate Brunette
32732a26443SChristoph M. Becker- Iconv:
32832a26443SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79200 (Some iconv functions cut Windows-1258). (cmb)
32932a26443SChristoph M. Becker
33065120cfcSDmitry Stogov- OPcache:
33165120cfcSDmitry Stogov  . Fixed bug #79412 (Opcache chokes and uses 100% CPU on specific script).
33265120cfcSDmitry Stogov    (Dmitry)
33365120cfcSDmitry Stogov
334b510250bSChristoph M. Becker- Session:
335b510250bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79413 (session_create_id() fails for active sessions). (cmb)
336b510250bSChristoph M. Becker
337a681b128SChristoph M. Becker- Shmop:
338a681b128SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79427 (Integer Overflow in shmop_open()). (cmb)
339a681b128SChristoph M. Becker
3407c081db8SChristoph M. Becker- SimpleXML:
3417c081db8SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #61597 (SXE properties may lack attributes and content). (cmb)
3427c081db8SChristoph M. Becker
343b8427729SChristoph M. Becker- Spl:
344b8427729SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75673 (SplStack::unserialize() behavior). (cmb)
34547c74555SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79393 (Null coalescing operator failing with SplFixedArray).
34647c74555SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
347b8427729SChristoph M. Becker
348c0840fecSChristian Schneider- Standard:
34989675887SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79330 (shell_exec() silently truncates after a null byte). (stas)
350c4cdf1aeSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79465 (OOB Read in urldecode()). (CVE-2020-7067) (stas)
351c0840fecSChristian Schneider  . Fixed bug #79410 (system() swallows last chunk if it is exactly 4095 bytes
352c0840fecSChristian Schneider    without newline). (Christian Schneider)
353c0840fecSChristian Schneider
35451c57a9cSRemi Collet- Zip:
35551c57a9cSRemi Collet  . Fixed Bug #79296 (ZipArchive::open fails on empty file). (Remi)
35604920645SMax Rees  . Fixed bug #79424 (php_zip_glob uses gl_pathc after call to globfree).
35704920645SMax Rees    (Max Rees)
35851c57a9cSRemi Collet
3599dda3b9eSChristoph M. Becker19 Mar 2020, PHP 7.3.16
360e3632fdcSChristoph M. Becker
3618c6a7c33SMark Plomer- Core:
3628c6a7c33SMark Plomer  . Fixed bug #63206 (restore_error_handler does not restore previous errors
3638c6a7c33SMark Plomer    mask). (Mark Plomer)
3648c6a7c33SMark Plomer
3655e2ea00bSChristoph M. Becker- COM:
3665e2ea00bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #66322 (COMPersistHelper::SaveToFile can save to wrong location).
3675e2ea00bSChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
368b9738f58SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79242 (COM error constants don't match com_exception codes on
369b9738f58SChristoph M. Becker    x86). (cmb)
370f649adedSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79248 (Traversing empty VT_ARRAY throws com_exception). (cmb)
3719e6358afSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79299 (com_print_typeinfo prints duplicate variables). (Litiano
3729e6358afSChristoph M. Becker    Moura)
3732adf1c4dSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79332 (php_istreams are never freed). (cmb)
37453140e5cSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79333 (com_print_typeinfo() leaks memory). (cmb)
3755e2ea00bSChristoph M. Becker
376cec8b24cSChristoph M. Becker- DOM:
3778308196cSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77569: (Write Access Violation in DomImplementation). (Nikita,
378cec8b24cSChristoph M. Becker    cmb)
37909669411SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79271 (DOMDocumentType::$childNodes is NULL). (cmb)
3807e2bd95fSRemi Collet
3816adb8859SChristoph M. Becker- Enchant:
3826adb8859SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79311 (enchant_dict_suggest() fails on big endian architecture).
3836adb8859SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
3846adb8859SChristoph M. Becker
3859b8aa105SChristoph M. Becker- EXIF:
3869b8aa105SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79282 (Use-of-uninitialized-value in exif). (CVE-2020-7064)
3879b8aa105SChristoph M. Becker    (Nikita)
3889b8aa105SChristoph M. Becker
3899b8aa105SChristoph M. Becker- MBstring:
3909b8aa105SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79371 (mb_strtolower (UTF-32LE): stack-buffer-overflow at 
3919b8aa105SChristoph M. Becker    php_unicode_tolower_full). (CVE-2020-7065) (cmb)
3929b8aa105SChristoph M. Becker
3938654c32bSChristoph M. Becker- MySQLi:
3948654c32bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #64032 (mysqli reports different client_version). (cmb)
3958654c32bSChristoph M. Becker
39613bfa9f5SNikita Popov- PCRE:
39713bfa9f5SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #79188 (Memory corruption in preg_replace/preg_replace_callback
39813bfa9f5SNikita Popov    and unicode). (Nikita)
39913bfa9f5SNikita Popov
40008073b06SChristoph M. Becker- PDO_ODBC:
40108073b06SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79038 (PDOStatement::nextRowset() leaks column values). (cmb)
40208073b06SChristoph M. Becker
4036c48da9aSNikita Popov- Reflection:
4046c48da9aSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #79062 (Property with heredoc default value returns false for
4056c48da9aSNikita Popov    getDocComment). (Nikita)
4066c48da9aSNikita Popov
407f133f002SChristoph M. Becker- SQLite3:
408f133f002SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79294 (::columnType() may fail after SQLite3Stmt::reset()). (cmb)
409f133f002SChristoph M. Becker
4107b464ce6SChristoph M. Becker- Standard:
4119b8aa105SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79329 (get_headers() silently truncates after a null byte). 
4129b8aa105SChristoph M. Becker    (CVE-2020-7066) (cmb)
4137b464ce6SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79254 (getenv() w/o arguments not showing changes). (cmb)
414d0d60503SMiguel Xavier Penha Neto  . Fixed bug #79265 (Improper injection of Host header when using fopen for
415d0d60503SMiguel Xavier Penha Neto    http requests). (Miguel Xavier Penha Neto)
4167b464ce6SChristoph M. Becker
417e3632fdcSChristoph M. Becker20 Feb 2020, PHP 7.3.15
41838c0a53bSChristoph M. Becker
419018251a7SNikita Popov- Core:
420018251a7SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #71876 (Memory corruption htmlspecialchars(): charset `*' not
421018251a7SNikita Popov    supported). (Nikita)
422ab5b6702SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79146 (cscript can fail to run on some systems). (clarodeus)
423fd08f062SIvan Mikheykin  . Fixed bug #78323 (Code 0 is returned on invalid options). (Ivan Mikheykin)
424ef1e4891SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #76047 (Use-after-free when accessing already destructed
425ef1e4891SNikita Popov    backtrace arguments). (Nikita)
426018251a7SNikita Popov
4270dda4a84SChristoph M. Becker- CURL:
4280dda4a84SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79078 (Hypothetical use-after-free in curl_multi_add_handle()).
4290dda4a84SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
4300dda4a84SChristoph M. Becker
431ab5b6702SChristoph M. Becker- Intl:
432c2935499SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79212 (NumberFormatter::format() may detect wrong type). (cmb)
433c2935499SChristoph M. Becker
434fe1bfb78SChristoph M. Becker- Libxml:
435fe1bfb78SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79191 (Error in SoapClient ctor disables DOMDocument::save()).
436fe1bfb78SChristoph M. Becker    (Nikita, cmb)
437fe1bfb78SChristoph M. Becker
4389be31a58SChristoph M. Becker- MBString:
4399be31a58SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79154 (mb_convert_encoding() can modify $from_encoding). (cmb)
4409be31a58SChristoph M. Becker
4411752393bSChristoph M. Becker- MySQLnd:
4421752393bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79084 (mysqlnd may fetch wrong column indexes with MYSQLI_BOTH).
4431752393bSChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
4441752393bSChristoph M. Becker
4459eff906aSChristoph M. Becker- OpenSSL:
4469eff906aSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79145 (openssl memory leak). (cmb, Nikita)
4479eff906aSChristoph M. Becker
448136f51f1SChristoph M. Becker- Phar:
44916c7c716SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79082 (Files added to tar with Phar::buildFromIterator have
45016c7c716SChristoph M. Becker    all-access permissions). (CVE-2020-7063) (stas)
45116c7c716SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79171 (heap-buffer-overflow in phar_extract_file).
45231dd4556SChristoph M. Becker    (CVE-2020-7061) (cmb)
453136f51f1SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76584 (PharFileInfo::decompress not working). (cmb)
454136f51f1SChristoph M. Becker
45507bda97eSNikita Popov- Reflection:
45607bda97eSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #79115 (ReflectionClass::isCloneable call reflected class
45707bda97eSNikita Popov    __destruct). (Nikita)
45807bda97eSNikita Popov
45916c7c716SChristoph M. Becker- Session:
46016c7c716SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79221 (Null Pointer Dereference in PHP Session Upload Progress).
46116c7c716SChristoph M. Becker    (CVE-2020-7062) (stas)
46216c7c716SChristoph M. Becker
463db9776c5SNikita Popov- SPL:
464db9776c5SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #79151 (heap use after free caused by
465db9776c5SNikita Popov    spl_dllist_it_helper_move_forward). (Nikita)
466db9776c5SNikita Popov
46767421a78Sliudaixiao- Standard:
46867421a78Sliudaixiao  . Fixed bug #78902 (Memory leak when using stream_filter_append). (liudaixiao)
470079905acSChristoph M. Becker- Testing:
471079905acSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78090 (bug45161.phpt takes forever to finish). (cmb)
472079905acSChristoph M. Becker
4738226e704SChristoph M. Becker- XSL:
4748226e704SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #70078 (XSL callbacks with nodes as parameter leak memory). (cmb)
4758226e704SChristoph M. Becker
47638c0a53bSChristoph M. Becker23 Jan 2020, PHP 7.3.14
47765bbc670SChristoph M. Becker
478eb846939SDmitry Stogov- Core
479eb846939SDmitry Stogov  . Fixed bug #78999 (Cycle leak when using function result as temporary).
480eb846939SDmitry Stogov    (Dmitry)
481eb846939SDmitry Stogov
48217a9f140SChristoph M. Becker- CURL:
483c47b18a2SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79033 (Curl timeout error with specific url and post). (cmb)
48417a9f140SChristoph M. Becker
485b48f2625SChristoph M. Becker- Date:
486b48f2625SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79015 (undefined-behavior in php_date.c). (cmb)
487b48f2625SChristoph M. Becker
488c05a069aSChristoph M. Becker- DBA:
489c05a069aSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78808 ([LMDB] MDB_MAP_FULL: Environment mapsize limit reached).
490c05a069aSChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
491c05a069aSChristoph M. Becker
492c62cd9a4SSergei Turchanov- Fileinfo:
493c62cd9a4SSergei Turchanov  . Fixed bug #74170 (locale information change after mime_content_type).
494c62cd9a4SSergei Turchanov    (Sergei Turchanov)
495c62cd9a4SSergei Turchanov
496b5d2cbe0Swillson-chen- GD:
497b5d2cbe0Swillson-chen  . Fixed bug #78923 (Artifacts when convoluting image with transparency).
498b5d2cbe0Swillson-chen    (wilson chen)
4992c586051SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79067 (gdTransformAffineCopy() may use unitialized values). (cmb)
5004bec59f1SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79068 (gdTransformAffineCopy() changes interpolation method).
5014bec59f1SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
50327bb3289SXinchen Hui- Libxml:
50427bb3289SXinchen Hui  . Fixed bug #79029 (Use After Free's in XMLReader / XMLWriter). (Laruence)
50527bb3289SXinchen Hui
506b67fc518SChristoph M. Becker- Mbstring:
507b67fc518SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79037 (global buffer-overflow in `mbfl_filt_conv_big5_wchar`). 
508b67fc518SChristoph M. Becker    (CVE-2020-7060) (Nikita)
509b67fc518SChristoph M. Becker
5100cecf83bSChristoph M. Becker- OPcache:
5110cecf83bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79040 (Warning Opcode handlers are unusable due to ASLR). (cmb)
5120cecf83bSChristoph M. Becker
513cbb0efaeSSATO Kentaro- Pcntl:
514cbb0efaeSSATO Kentaro  . Fixed bug #78402 (Converting null to string in error message is bad DX).
515cbb0efaeSSATO Kentaro    (SAT�� Kentar��)
516cbb0efaeSSATO Kentaro
5173e35b089SSATO Kentaro- PDO_PgSQL:
5183e35b089SSATO Kentaro  . Fixed bug #78983 (pdo_pgsql config.w32 cannot find libpq-fe.h). (SAT��
5193e35b089SSATO Kentaro    Kentar��)
5207e39e693SSATO Kentaro  . Fixed bug #78980 (pgsqlGetNotify() overlooks dead connection). (SAT��
5217e39e693SSATO Kentaro    Kentar��)
52237d11d12SSATO Kentaro  . Fixed bug #78982 (pdo_pgsql returns dead persistent connection). (SAT��
52337d11d12SSATO Kentaro    Kentar��)
5243e35b089SSATO Kentaro
525b67fc518SChristoph M. Becker- Session:
526b67fc518SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79091 (heap use-after-free in session_create_id()). (cmb, Nikita)
527b67fc518SChristoph M. Becker
52818172303SChristoph M. Becker- Shmop:
52918172303SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78538 (shmop memory leak). (cmb)
53018172303SChristoph M. Becker
531ae215069SChristoph M. Becker- Standard:
532b67fc518SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #79099 (OOB read in php_strip_tags_ex). (CVE-2020-7059). (cmb)
533ae215069SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #54298 (Using empty additional_headers adding extraneous CRLF).
534ae215069SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
535ae215069SChristoph M. Becker
536bacfae8bSRemi Collet18 Dec 2019, PHP 7.3.13
5374c9ba3e0SChristoph M. Becker
5383d50131eSChristoph M. Becker- Bcmath:
5393d50131eSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78878 (Buffer underflow in bc_shift_addsub). (CVE-2019-11046).
5403d50131eSChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
5413d50131eSChristoph M. Becker
5426d4965feSNikita Popov- Core:
5433d50131eSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78862 (link() silently truncates after a null byte on Windows).
5443d50131eSChristoph M. Becker    (CVE-2019-11044). (cmb)
5453d50131eSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78863 (DirectoryIterator class silently truncates after a null
5463d50131eSChristoph M. Becker    byte). (CVE-2019-11045). (cmb)
5473d50131eSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78943 (mail() may release string with refcount==1 twice).
5483d50131eSChristoph M. Becker    (CVE-2019-11049). (cmb)
5496d4965feSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78787 (Segfault with trait overriding inherited private shadow
5506d4965feSNikita Popov    property). (Nikita)
551bb30fe9eSDmitry Stogov  . Fixed bug #78868 (Calling __autoload() with incorrect EG(fake_scope) value).
552bb30fe9eSDmitry Stogov    (Antony Dovgal, Dmitry)
553bb735c9eSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78296 (is_file fails to detect file). (cmb)
5546d4965feSNikita Popov
5553d50131eSChristoph M. Becker- EXIF:
5563d50131eSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78793 (Use-after-free in exif parsing under memory sanitizer).
5573d50131eSChristoph M. Becker    (CVE-2019-11050). (Nikita)
5583d50131eSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78910 (Heap-buffer-overflow READ in exif). (CVE-2019-11047).
5593d50131eSChristoph M. Becker    (Nikita)
5603d50131eSChristoph M. Becker
5619b92c1d1SChristoph M. Becker- GD:
5629b92c1d1SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78849 (GD build broken with -D SIGNED_COMPARE_SLOW). (cmb)
5639b92c1d1SChristoph M. Becker
5641979c5d1SChristoph M. Becker- MBString:
5651979c5d1SChristoph M. Becker  . Upgraded bundled Oniguruma to 6.9.4. (cmb)
5661979c5d1SChristoph M. Becker
56739d04f15SChristoph M. Becker- OPcache:
56839d04f15SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed potential ASLR related invalid opline handler issues. (cmb)
569f6eac76bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed $x = (bool)$x; with opcache (should emit undeclared variable notice).
570f6eac76bSChristoph M. Becker    (Tyson Andre)
57139d04f15SChristoph M. Becker
572e1da72bdSChristoph M. Becker- PCRE:
573e1da72bdSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78853 (preg_match() may return integer > 1). (cmb)
574e1da72bdSChristoph M. Becker
5755fa6dcd9SNikita Popov- Standard:
5765fa6dcd9SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78759 (array_search in $GLOBALS). (Nikita)
57723c65a81SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77638 (var_export'ing certain class instances segfaults). (cmb)
578fee38633SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78840 (imploding $GLOBALS crashes). (cmb)
579db420cb6SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78833 (Integer overflow in pack causes out-of-bound access).
580db420cb6SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
581600f1f89SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78814 (strip_tags allows / in tag name => whitelist bypass).
582600f1f89SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
583d317e16eSSara Golemon
5844c9ba3e0SChristoph M. Becker21 Nov 2019, PHP 7.3.12
58526f45cb4SChristoph M. Becker
5866fd6ad8fSNikita Popov- Core:
5876fd6ad8fSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78658 (Memory corruption using Closure::bindTo). (Nikita)
5883164186dSErik Lundin  . Fixed bug #78656 (Parse errors classified as highest log-level). (Erik
5893164186dSErik Lundin    Lundin)
59016c49108SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78752 (Segfault if GC triggered while generator stack frame is
59116c49108SNikita Popov    being destroyed). (Nikita)
592f9895b4bSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78689 (Closure::fromCallable() doesn't handle
593f9895b4bSNikita Popov    [Closure, '__invoke']). (Nikita)
5946fd6ad8fSNikita Popov
59545a77232SChristoph M. Becker- COM:
59645a77232SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78694 (Appending to a variant array causes segfault). (cmb)
59745a77232SChristoph M. Becker
598d2cde0bfSm.yakunin- Date:
599d2cde0bfSm.yakunin  . Fixed bug #70153 (\DateInterval incorrectly unserialized). (Maksim Iakunin)
60089c327f8SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78751 (Serialising DatePeriod converts DateTimeImmutable). (cmb)
602195c2008SChristoph M. Becker- Iconv:
603195c2008SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78642 (Wrong libiconv version displayed). (gedas at martynas,
604195c2008SChristoph M. Becker    cmb).
60505d6878bSRemi Collet
606e2a6bf48SMitch Hagstrand- OpCache:
607e2a6bf48SMitch Hagstrand  . Fixed bug #78654 (Incorrectly computed opcache checksum on files with 
608e2a6bf48SMitch Hagstrand    non-ascii characters). (mhagstrand)
60952499938SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78747 (OpCache corrupts custom extension result). (Nikita)
610e2a6bf48SMitch Hagstrand
6114f984a2fSNikita Popov- OpenSSL:
6124f984a2fSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78775 (TLS issues from HTTP request affecting other encrypted
6134f984a2fSNikita Popov    connections). (Nikita)
6144f984a2fSNikita Popov
615bea2ff88SFabien Villepinte- Reflection:
616bea2ff88SFabien Villepinte  . Fixed bug #78697 (ReflectionClass::ImplementsInterface - inaccurate error 
617bea2ff88SFabien Villepinte    message with traits). (villfa)
618bea2ff88SFabien Villepinte
619900bdcbdSChristoph M. Becker- Sockets:
620900bdcbdSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78665 (Multicasting may leak memory). (cmb)
621900bdcbdSChristoph M. Becker
62226f45cb4SChristoph M. Becker24 Oct 2019, PHP 7.3.11
623cf31210fSChristoph M. Becker
624fdcca930Sbugreportuser- Core:
625fdcca930Sbugreportuser  . Fixed bug #78535 (auto_detect_line_endings value not parsed as bool).
626fdcca930Sbugreportuser    (bugreportuser)
627abaf9a76SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78620 (Out of memory error). (cmb, Nikita)
629f6f981c1SKalle Sommer Nielsen- Exif :
630df982da5SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78442 ('Illegal component' on exif_read_data since PHP7)
63171651837SKalle Sommer Nielsen	(Kalle)
632a270eb19SSara Golemon
633e546d721SSergei Turchanov- FPM:
63436943dffSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78599 (env_path_info underflow in fpm_main.c can lead to RCE).
63536943dffSChristoph M. Becker    (CVE-2019-11043) (Jakub Zelenka)
636e546d721SSergei Turchanov  . Fixed bug #78413 (request_terminate_timeout does not take effect after
637e546d721SSergei Turchanov    fastcgi_finish_request). (Sergei Turchanov)
638e546d721SSergei Turchanov
639398b3083SChristoph M. Becker- MBString:
64036943dffSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78633 (Heap buffer overflow (read) in mb_eregi). (cmb)
641398b3083SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78579 (mb_decode_numericentity: args number inconsistency).
642398b3083SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
64345db6fa5SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78609 (mb_check_encoding() no longer supports stringable
64445db6fa5SChristoph M. Becker    objects). (cmb)
645398b3083SChristoph M. Becker
6469a2b42a5SFábio Souto- MySQLi:
6479a2b42a5SFábio Souto  . Fixed bug #76809 (SSL settings aren't respected when persistent connections 
6489a2b42a5SFábio Souto    are used). (fabiomsouto)
6499a2b42a5SFábio Souto
650df982da5SNikita Popov- Mysqlnd:
651df982da5SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78525 (Memory leak in pdo when reusing native prepared
652df982da5SNikita Popov    statements). (Nikita)
653df982da5SNikita Popov
654e11ed028SNikita Popov- PCRE:
655e11ed028SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78272 (calling preg_match() before pcntl_fork() will freeze
656e11ed028SNikita Popov    child process). (Nikita)
657e11ed028SNikita Popov
658114c03b9SChristoph M. Becker- PDO_MySQL:
659114c03b9SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78623 (Regression caused by "SP call yields additional empty
660114c03b9SChristoph M. Becker    result set"). (cmb)
661114c03b9SChristoph M. Becker
662a6d21963SBrent Shaffer- Session:
663a6d21963SBrent Shaffer  . Fixed bug #78624 (session_gc return value for user defined session 
664a6d21963SBrent Shaffer    handlers). (bshaffer)
665a6d21963SBrent Shaffer
666e691a98cSfancyweb- Standard:
667e691a98cSfancyweb  . Fixed bug #76342 (file_get_contents waits twice specified timeout).
668e691a98cSfancyweb    (Thomas Calvet)
6696fcde56bSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78612 (strtr leaks memory when integer keys are used and the
6706fcde56bSNikita Popov    subject string shorter). (Nikita)
67105560b67SKonstantin Kopachev  . Fixed bug #76859 (stream_get_line skips data if used with data-generating 
67205560b67SKonstantin Kopachev    filter). (kkopachev)
674fd3118ffSChristoph M. Becker- Zip:
675fd3118ffSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78641 (addGlob can modify given remove_path value). (cmb)
676fd3118ffSChristoph M. Becker
67775309386SChristoph M. Becker26 Sep 2019, PHP 7.3.10
6785536105bSChristoph M. Becker
679be7e8190SNikita Popov- Core:
68081f52158SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78220 (Can't access OneDrive folder). (cmb, ab)
681be7e8190SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77922 (Double release of doc comment on inherited shadow
682be7e8190SNikita Popov    property). (Nikita)
68331070884SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78441 (Parse error due to heredoc identifier followed by digit).
68431070884SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
68503c7749dSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77812 (Interactive mode does not support PHP 7.3-style heredoc).
68603c7749dSChristoph M. Becker    (cmb, Nikita)
687be7e8190SNikita Popov
6888f564e53SSergei Turchanov- FastCGI:
6898f564e53SSergei Turchanov  . Fixed bug #78469 (FastCGI on_accept hook is not called when using named
6908f564e53SSergei Turchanov    pipes on Windows). (Sergei Turchanov)
6918f564e53SSergei Turchanov
692ffcf57faSTsuyoshi Sadakata- FPM:
693ffcf57faSTsuyoshi Sadakata  . Fixed bug #78334 (fpm log prefix message includes wrong stdout/stderr
694ffcf57faSTsuyoshi Sadakata    notation). (Tsuyoshi Sadakata)
695ffcf57faSTsuyoshi Sadakata
6969b9814faSSara Golemon- Intl:
6979b9814faSSara Golemon  . Ensure IDNA2003 rules are used with idn_to_ascii() and idn_to_utf8()
6989b9814faSSara Golemon    when requested. (Sara)
6999b9814faSSara Golemon
70075309386SChristoph M. Becker- MBString:
70175309386SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78559 (Heap buffer overflow in mb_eregi). (cmb)
70275309386SChristoph M. Becker
703cdf16c01SQianqian Bu- MySQLnd:
704cdf16c01SQianqian Bu  . Fixed connect_attr issues and added the _server_host connection attribute.
705cdf16c01SQianqian Bu    (Qianqian Bu)
706cdf16c01SQianqian Bu
707b5572658SChristoph M. Becker- ODBC:
708b5572658SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78473 (odbc_close() closes arbitrary resources). (cmb)
709b5572658SChristoph M. Becker
71041a4379cSChristoph M. Becker- PDO_MySQL:
71141a4379cSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #41997 (SP call yields additional empty result set). (cmb)
71241a4379cSChristoph M. Becker
7138ead7793SChristoph M. Becker- sodium:
7148ead7793SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78510 (Partially uninitialized buffer returned by
7158ead7793SChristoph M. Becker    sodium_crypto_generichash_init()). (Frank Denis, cmb)
7168ead7793SChristoph M. Becker
7175536105bSChristoph M. Becker29 Aug 2019, PHP 7.3.9
718c9037421SRemi Collet
719d89157cdSNikita Popov- Core:
720d89157cdSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78363 (Buffer overflow in zendparse). (Nikita)
721358379beSDmitry Stogov  . Fixed bug #78379 (Cast to object confuses GC, causes crash). (Dmitry)
72249666474SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78412 (Generator incorrectly reports non-releasable $this as GC
72349666474SChristoph M. Becker    child). (Nikita)
724d89157cdSNikita Popov
725c8c183ebSAbyr Valg- Curl:
726c8c183ebSAbyr Valg  . Fixed bug #77946 (Bad cURL resources returned by curl_multi_info_read()).
727c8c183ebSAbyr Valg    (Abyr Valg)
728c8c183ebSAbyr Valg
729d142dfc9SNikita Popov- Exif:
730d142dfc9SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78333 (Exif crash (bus error) due to wrong alignment and
731d142dfc9SNikita Popov    invalid cast). (Nikita)
732d142dfc9SNikita Popov
733bdf24f8dSMaksim Nikulin- FPM:
734bdf24f8dSMaksim Nikulin  . Fixed bug #77185 (Use-after-free in FPM master event handling).
735bdf24f8dSMaksim Nikulin    (Maksim Nikulin)
736bdf24f8dSMaksim Nikulin
73730eb4b35SChristoph M. Becker- Iconv:
73830eb4b35SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78342 (Bus error in configure test for iconv //IGNORE). (Rainer
73930eb4b35SChristoph M. Becker    Jung)
74030eb4b35SChristoph M. Becker
741b42a13b0SPeter Kokot- LiteSpeed:
742b42a13b0SPeter Kokot  . Updated to LiteSpeed SAPI V7.5 (Fixed clean shutdown). (George Wang)
743b42a13b0SPeter Kokot
744f7129255SChristoph M. Becker- MBString:
745f7129255SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78380 (Oniguruma 6.9.3 fixes CVEs). (CVE-2019-13224) (Stas)
746f7129255SChristoph M. Becker
7478af14024SChristoph M. Becker- MySQLnd:
748f9f4a683SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78179 (MariaDB server version incorrectly detected). (cmb)
7498af14024SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78213 (Empty row pocket). (cmb)
7508af14024SChristoph M. Becker
7514eeb41d1SNikita Popov- Opcache:
7524eeb41d1SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77191 (Assertion failure in dce_live_ranges() when silencing is
7534eeb41d1SNikita Popov    used). (Nikita)
7544eeb41d1SNikita Popov
755b864abfeSNikita Popov- Standard:
756b864abfeSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #69100 (Bus error from stream_copy_to_stream (file -> SSL stream)
757b864abfeSNikita Popov    with invalid length). (Nikita)
758954543ceSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78282 (atime and mtime mismatch). (cmb)
759dc7aa22bSAlbert Casademont  . Fixed bug #78326 (improper memory deallocation on stream_get_contents()
760dc7aa22bSAlbert Casademont    with fixed length buffer). (Albert Casademont)
761a87ef5e3SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78346 (strip_tags no longer handling nested php tags). (cmb)
762b864abfeSNikita Popov
763956ecc2cSChristoph M. Becker01 Aug 2019, PHP 7.3.8
764bcf20963SChristoph M. Becker
7659f0515c4SErik Lundin- Core:
7669f0515c4SErik Lundin  . Added syslog.filter=raw option. (Erik Lundin)
767fa65f5ecSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78212 (Segfault in built-in webserver). (cmb)
7689f0515c4SErik Lundin
76965067dffSJoe Watkins- Date:
770768ad70fSAndrew Collington  . Fixed bug #69044 (discrepency between time and microtime). (krakjoe)
771b039a411SPeter Kokot  . Updated timelib to 2018.02. (Derick)
77265067dffSJoe Watkins
773ef439abdSChristoph M. Becker- EXIF:
774ef439abdSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78256 (heap-buffer-overflow on exif_process_user_comment).
775ef439abdSChristoph M. Becker    (CVE-2019-11042) (Stas)
776ef439abdSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78222 (heap-buffer-overflow on exif_scan_thumbnail).
777ef439abdSChristoph M. Becker    (CVE-2019-11041) (Stas)
778ef439abdSChristoph M. Becker
7792d737a1eSNikita Popov- FTP:
7802d737a1eSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78039 (FTP with SSL memory leak). (Nikita)
78165067dffSJoe Watkins
7824a91f66bSNikita Popov- Libxml:
7834a91f66bSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78279 (libxml_disable_entity_loader settings is shared between
7844a91f66bSNikita Popov    requests (cgi-fcgi)). (Nikita)
7854a91f66bSNikita Popov
7864fcf8e93SPeter Kokot- LiteSpeed:
7874fcf8e93SPeter Kokot  . Updated to LiteSpeed SAPI V7.4.3 (increased response header count limit from
7884fcf8e93SPeter Kokot    100 to 1000, added crash handler to cleanly shutdown PHP request, added
7894fcf8e93SPeter Kokot    CloudLinux mod_lsapi mode). (George Wang)
7904fcf8e93SPeter Kokot  . Fixed bug #76058 (After "POST data can't be buffered", using php://input
7914fcf8e93SPeter Kokot    makes huge tmp files). (George Wang)
7924fcf8e93SPeter Kokot
7930e48e35eSNikita Popov- Openssl:
7940e48e35eSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78231 (Segmentation fault upon stream_socket_accept of exported
7950e48e35eSNikita Popov    socket-to-stream). (Nikita)
7960e48e35eSNikita Popov
7974892bbc1SNikita Popov- Opcache:
7984892bbc1SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78189 (file cache strips last character of uname hash). (cmb)
7994892bbc1SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78202 (Opcache stats for cache hits are capped at 32bit NUM).
8004892bbc1SNikita Popov    (cmb)
801e7a83ec8SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78271 (Invalid result of if-else). (Nikita)
802768ad70fSAndrew Collington  . Fixed bug #78291 (opcache_get_configuration doesn't list all directives).
803768ad70fSAndrew Collington    (Andrew Collington)
80476683ea9SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78341 (Failure to detect smart branch in DFA pass). (Nikita)
805fcd6f2deSChristoph M. Becker
806b039a411SPeter Kokot- PCRE:
807b039a411SPeter Kokot  . Fixed bug #78197 (PCRE2 version check in configure fails for "##.##-xxx"
808b039a411SPeter Kokot    version strings). (pgnet, Peter Kokot)
809ef439abdSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78338 (Array cross-border reading in PCRE). (cmb)
810b039a411SPeter Kokot
811646debafSChristoph M. Becker- PDO_Sqlite:
8123eb057c4SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78192 (SegFault when reuse statement after schema has changed).
813646debafSChristoph M. Becker    (Vincent Quatrevieux)
814646debafSChristoph M. Becker
815ef439abdSChristoph M. Becker- Phar:
816ef439abdSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77919 (Potential UAF in Phar RSHUTDOWN). (cmb)
817ef439abdSChristoph M. Becker
818956ecc2cSChristoph M. Becker- Phpdbg:
819956ecc2cSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78297 (Include unexistent file memory leak). (Nikita)
820956ecc2cSChristoph M. Becker
8217404d756SChristoph M. Becker- SQLite:
8227404d756SChristoph M. Becker  . Upgraded to SQLite 3.28.0. (cmb)
823fcd6f2deSChristoph M. Becker
82444c8b741SChristoph M. Becker- Standard:
825ad48464eSRemi Collet  . Fixed bug #78241 (touch() does not handle dates after 2038 in PHP 64-bit). (cmb)
826a7ff3a64SRemi Collet  . Fixed bug #78269 (password_hash uses weak options for argon2). (Remi)
82744c8b741SChristoph M. Becker
828a0f370e7SChristoph M. Becker04 Jul 2019, PHP 7.3.7
8292d93cce0SChristoph M. Becker
83035353dc4SNikita Popov- Core:
83135353dc4SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #76980 (Interface gets skipped if autoloader throws an exception).
83235353dc4SNikita Popov    (Nikita)
8334fa32d67SSara Golemon
834e246dea9SChristoph M. Becker- DOM:
835e246dea9SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78025 (segfault when accessing properties of DOMDocumentType).
836e246dea9SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
837e246dea9SChristoph M. Becker
83896404eb8SSjon Hortensius- MySQLi:
83996404eb8SSjon Hortensius  . Fixed bug #77956 (When mysqli.allow_local_infile = Off, use a meaningful
84096404eb8SSjon Hortensius    error message). (Sjon Hortensius)
84110b208f2SDmitry Stogov  . Fixed bug #38546 (bindParam incorrect processing of bool types).
84210b208f2SDmitry Stogov    (camporter)
84396404eb8SSjon Hortensius
8446f9dfd94SNikita Popov- MySQLnd:
8456f9dfd94SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77955 (Random segmentation fault in mysqlnd from php-fpm).
8466f9dfd94SNikita Popov    (Nikita)
8476f9dfd94SNikita Popov
8489d76fbd0SNikita Popov- Opcache:
8499d76fbd0SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78015 (Incorrect evaluation of expressions involving partials
8509d76fbd0SNikita Popov    arrays in SCCP). (Nikita)
851740d9ecdSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78106 (Path resolution fails if opcache disabled during request).
852740d9ecdSChristoph M. Becker    (Nikita)
8539d76fbd0SNikita Popov
8542e025794SJakub Zelenka- OpenSSL:
8552e025794SJakub Zelenka  . Fixed bug #78079 (openssl_encrypt_ccm.phpt fails with OpenSSL 1.1.1c).
8562e025794SJakub Zelenka    (Jakub Zelenka)
8572e025794SJakub Zelenka
858d1543018SNikita Popov- phpdbg:
859d1543018SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78050 (SegFault phpdbg + opcache on include file twice).
860d1543018SNikita Popov    (Nikita)
861d1543018SNikita Popov
8629a74b232SNikita Popov- Sockets:
8639a74b232SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #78038 (Socket_select fails when resource array contains
8649a74b232SNikita Popov    references). (Nikita)
8659a74b232SNikita Popov
86622a3fa0bSChristoph M. Becker- Sodium:
86722a3fa0bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78114 (segfault when calling sodium_* functions from eval). (cmb)
86822a3fa0bSChristoph M. Becker
86983cdb89fSDmitry Stogov- Standard:
87083cdb89fSDmitry Stogov  . Fixed bug #77135 (Extract with EXTR_SKIP should skip $this).
87183cdb89fSDmitry Stogov    (Craig Duncan, Dmitry)
872cb1237a3SFabien Villepinte  . Fixed bug #77937 (preg_match failed). (cmb, Anatol)
87383cdb89fSDmitry Stogov
874a0c9d084SMichael Maroszek- Zip:
875a0c9d084SMichael Maroszek  . Fixed bug #76345 (zip.h not found). (Michael Maroszek)
876a0c9d084SMichael Maroszek
877f3cd6931SChristoph M. Becker30 May 2019, PHP 7.3.6
8785ae49c43SChristoph M. Becker
87978d24429SJavier Spagnoletti- cURL:
88078d24429SJavier Spagnoletti  . Implemented FR #72189 (Add missing CURL_VERSION_* constants). (Javier
88178d24429SJavier Spagnoletti    Spagnoletti)
88278d24429SJavier Spagnoletti
883ed099ab1SChristoph M. Becker- Date:
884ed099ab1SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77909 (DatePeriod::__construct() with invalid recurrence count
885ed099ab1SChristoph M. Becker    value). (Ignace Nyamagana Butera)
886ed099ab1SChristoph M. Becker
887f3cd6931SChristoph M. Becker- EXIF:
888f3cd6931SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77988 (heap-buffer-overflow on php_jpg_get16).
889f3cd6931SChristoph M. Becker    (CVE-2019-11040) (Stas)
890f3cd6931SChristoph M. Becker
8910b841483SPeter Kokot- FPM:
892cc5c51e7SJakub Zelenka  . Fixed bug #77934 (php-fpm kill -USR2 not working). (Jakub Zelenka)
8930b841483SPeter Kokot  . Fixed bug #77921 (static.php.net doesn't work anymore). (Peter Kokot)
8940b841483SPeter Kokot
895cd94cf60SChristoph M. Becker- GD:
896cd94cf60SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77943 (imageantialias($image, false); does not work). (cmb)
897f3cd6931SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77973 (Uninitialized read in gdImageCreateFromXbm).
898f3cd6931SChristoph M. Becker    (CVE-2019-11038) (cmb)
899f3cd6931SChristoph M. Becker
900f3cd6931SChristoph M. Becker- Iconv:
901f3cd6931SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78069 (Out-of-bounds read in iconv.c:_php_iconv_mime_decode()
902f3cd6931SChristoph M. Becker    due to integer overflow). (CVE-2019-11039). (maris dot adam)
903cd94cf60SChristoph M. Becker
9044831e150SNikita Popov- JSON:
9054831e150SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77843 (Use after free with json serializer). (Nikita)
9064831e150SNikita Popov
907714d2d8aSChristoph M. Becker- Opcache:
908714d2d8aSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed possible crashes, because of inconsistent PCRE cache and opcache
909714d2d8aSChristoph M. Becker    SHM reset. (Alexey Kalinin, Dmitry)
910714d2d8aSChristoph M. Becker
91116609880SChristoph M. Becker- PDO_MySQL:
91216609880SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77944 (Wrong meta pdo_type for bigint on LLP64). (cmb)
91316609880SChristoph M. Becker
91435c80583SNikita Popov- Reflection:
91535c80583SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #75186 (Inconsistent reflection of Closure:::__invoke()). (Nikita)
91635c80583SNikita Popov
917d20053a5SChristoph M. Becker- Session:
918d20053a5SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77911 (Wrong warning for session.sid_bits_per_character). (cmb)
9196c44a71eSRemi Collet
920ff2b5bdaSNikita Popov- SOAP:
921ff2b5bdaSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77945 (Segmentation fault when constructing SoapClient with
922ff2b5bdaSNikita Popov    WSDL_CACHE_BOTH). (Nikita)
923ff2b5bdaSNikita Popov
924f83c207dSPeter Kokot- SPL:
925f83c207dSPeter Kokot  . Fixed bug #77024 (SplFileObject::__toString() may return array). (Craig
926f83c207dSPeter Kokot    Duncan)
927f83c207dSPeter Kokot
928f3cd6931SChristoph M. Becker- SQLite:
929f3cd6931SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77967 (Bypassing open_basedir restrictions via file uris). (Stas)
930f3cd6931SChristoph M. Becker
931cedee440SNikita Popov- Standard:
932cedee440SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77931 (Warning for array_map mentions wrong type). (Nikita)
93369bab6e5SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #78003 (strip_tags output change since PHP 7.3). (cmb)
934cedee440SNikita Popov
9355ae49c43SChristoph M. Becker02 May 2019, PHP 7.3.5
936a2de4204SChristoph M. Becker
9379a9eed47SNikita Popov- Core:
9389a9eed47SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77903 (ArrayIterator stops iterating after offsetSet call).
9399a9eed47SNikita Popov    (Nikita)
9409a9eed47SNikita Popov
9416ef6d317SPeter Kokot- CLI:
9426ef6d317SPeter Kokot  . Fixed bug #77794 (Incorrect Date header format in built-in server).
9436ef6d317SPeter Kokot    (kelunik)
9446ef6d317SPeter Kokot
9451210c3b9SChristoph M. Becker- EXIF
94678d24429SJavier Spagnoletti  . Fixed bug #77950 (Heap-buffer-overflow in _estrndup via exif_process_IFD_TAG).
9471210c3b9SChristoph M. Becker    (CVE-2019-11036) (Stas)
9481210c3b9SChristoph M. Becker
949e97577edSNikita Popov- Interbase:
95085095dfdSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #72175 (Impossibility of creating multiple connections to
95185095dfdSNikita Popov    Interbase with php 7.x). (Nikita)
95285095dfdSNikita Popov
953619c4e9fSNikita Popov- Intl:
954619c4e9fSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77895 (IntlDateFormatter::create fails in strict mode if $locale
955619c4e9fSNikita Popov    = null). (Nikita)
956619c4e9fSNikita Popov
9573e1eff25SCôme Chilliet- LDAP:
9583e1eff25SCôme Chilliet  . Fixed bug #77869 (Core dump when using server controls) (mcmic)
9593e1eff25SCôme Chilliet
9601210c3b9SChristoph M. Becker- Mail
9611210c3b9SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77821 (Potential heap corruption in TSendMail()). (cmb)
9621210c3b9SChristoph M. Becker
9633d5b6f23SStanislav Malyshev- mbstring:
9643e1eff25SCôme Chilliet  . Implemented FR #72777 (Implement regex stack limits for mbregex functions).
9653d5b6f23SStanislav Malyshev    (Yasuo Ohgaki, Stas)
9663d5b6f23SStanislav Malyshev
96730ddfd49SNikita Popov- MySQLi:
96830ddfd49SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77773 (Unbuffered queries leak memory - MySQLi / mysqlnd).
96930ddfd49SNikita Popov    (Nikita)
97030ddfd49SNikita Popov
97188460c01SChristoph M. Becker- PCRE:
97288460c01SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77827 (preg_match does not ignore \r in regex flags). (requinix,
97388460c01SChristoph M. Becker    cmb)
9743e1eff25SCôme Chilliet
9759ec1525eSCameron Porter- PDO:
9769ec1525eSCameron Porter  . Fixed bug #77849 (Disable cloning of PDO handle/connection objects).
9779ec1525eSCameron Porter    (camporter)
97888460c01SChristoph M. Becker
979b8b88093SAlessandro Chitolina- phpdbg:
980b8b88093SAlessandro Chitolina  . Fixed bug #76801 (too many open files). (alekitto)
9817df8e4fcSJoe Watkins  . Fixed bug #77800 (phpdbg segfaults on listing some conditional breakpoints).
9827df8e4fcSJoe Watkins    (krakjoe)
9837af270ebSJoe Watkins  . Fixed bug #77805 (phpdbg build fails when readline is shared). (krakjoe)
984b8b88093SAlessandro Chitolina
985da35fa2cSNikita Popov- Reflection:
986da35fa2cSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77772 (ReflectionClass::getMethods(null) doesn't work). (Nikita)
987e9c0367fSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77882 (Different behavior: always calls destructor). (Nikita)
988da35fa2cSNikita Popov
989e97577edSNikita Popov- Standard:
990e97577edSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77793 (Segmentation fault in extract() when overwriting
991e97577edSNikita Popov    reference with itself). (Nikita)
992eea61cdaSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77844 (Crash due to null pointer in parse_ini_string with
993eea61cdaSNikita Popov    INI_SCANNER_TYPED). (Nikita)
994d7b5954fSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77853 (Inconsistent substr_compare behaviour with empty
995d7b5954fSNikita Popov    haystack). (Nikita)
996e97577edSNikita Popov
99754bed8d2SChristoph M. Becker04 Apr 2019, PHP 7.3.4
9982ec59b3eSChristoph M. Becker
99953881438SNikita Popov- Core:
100082174e68SXinchen Hui  . Fixed bug #77738 (Nullptr deref in zend_compile_expr). (Laruence)
1001fb3f078eSXinchen Hui  . Fixed bug #77660 (Segmentation fault on break 2147483648). (Laruence)
100253881438SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77652 (Anonymous classes can lose their interface information).
100353881438SNikita Popov    (Nikita)
10045da591c5SDmitry Stogov  . Fixed bug #77345 (Stack Overflow caused by circular reference in garbage
10055da591c5SDmitry Stogov    collection). (Alexandru Patranescu, Nikita, Dmitry)
1006ad2d2e41SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76956 (Wrong value for 'syslog.filter' documented in php.ini).
1007ad2d2e41SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
10080a416b3dSDmitry Stogov
10095ead86a3SChristoph M. Becker- Apache2Handler:
10105ead86a3SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77648 (BOM in sapi/apache2handler/php_functions.c). (cmb)
10115ead86a3SChristoph M. Becker
1012e7d40afbSNikita Popov- Bcmath:
1013e7d40afbSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77742 (bcpow() implementation related to gcc compiler
1014e7d40afbSNikita Popov    optimization). (Nikita)
1015e7d40afbSNikita Popov
1016a7739be2SNikita Popov- CLI Server:
1017a7739be2SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77722 (Incorrect IP set to $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] on the
1018a7739be2SNikita Popov    localhost). (Nikita)
1019a7739be2SNikita Popov
102041bc51ceSChristoph M. Becker- COM:
102141bc51ceSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77578 (Crash when php unload). (cmb)
102241bc51ceSChristoph M. Becker
1023849c49a7SChristoph M. Becker- EXIF:
10241210c3b9SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77753 (Heap-buffer-overflow in php_ifd_get32s). (CVE-2019-11034)
10251210c3b9SChristoph M. Becker    (Stas)
102678d24429SJavier Spagnoletti  . Fixed bug #77831 (Heap-buffer-overflow in exif_iif_add_value).
10271210c3b9SChristoph M. Becker    (CVE-2019-11035) (Stas)
1028849c49a7SChristoph M. Becker
1029006355c9SKevin Adler- FPM:
1030006355c9SKevin Adler  . Fixed bug #77677 (FPM fails to build on AIX due to missing WCOREDUMP).
1031006355c9SKevin Adler    (Kevin Adler)
1032006355c9SKevin Adler
103341fb0eaaSChristoph M. Becker- GD:
103441fb0eaaSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77700 (Writing truecolor images as GIF ignores interlace flag).
103541fb0eaaSChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
103641fb0eaaSChristoph M. Becker
1037934691faSNikita Popov- MySQLi:
1038934691faSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77597 (mysqli_fetch_field hangs scripts). (Nikita)
1039934691faSNikita Popov
10403f00c936SNikita Popov- Opcache:
104154bf8c82SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77743 (Incorrect pi node insertion for jmpznz with identical
104254bf8c82SNikita Popov    successors). (Nikita)
10433f00c936SNikita Popov
1044661bce47SNikita Popov- PCRE:
1045661bce47SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #76127 (preg_split does not raise an error on invalid UTF-8).
1046661bce47SNikita Popov    (Nikita)
1047661bce47SNikita Popov
1048b4195908SXinchen Hui- Phar:
104954bed8d2SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77697 (Crash on Big_Endian platform). (Laruence)
1050b4195908SXinchen Hui
105109e52232SMiriam Lauter- phpdbg:
105209e52232SMiriam Lauter  . Fixed bug #77767 (phpdbg break cmd aliases listed in help do not match
105309e52232SMiriam Lauter    actual aliases). (Miriam Lauter)
105409e52232SMiriam Lauter
1055e7ca69f1SFrank Denis- sodium:
105608089b57SFrank Denis  . Fixed bug #77646 (sign_detached() strings not terminated). (Frank)
1057e7ca69f1SFrank Denis
1058e93259bbSbohwaz- SQLite3:
1059e93259bbSbohwaz  . Added sqlite3.defensive INI directive. (BohwaZ)
10613b5475e9SXinchen Hui- Standard:
10623b5475e9SXinchen Hui  . Fixed bug #77664 (Segmentation fault when using undefined constant in
10633b5475e9SXinchen Hui    custom wrapper). (Laruence)
1064019fd1d9SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77669 (Crash in extract() when overwriting extracted array).
1065019fd1d9SNikita Popov    (Nikita)
10661fd32e9cSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #76717 (var_export() does not create a parsable value for
10671fd32e9cSNikita Popov    PHP_INT_MIN). (Nikita)
1068fe2885d8SVlad Temian  . Fixed bug #77765 (FTP stream wrapper should set the directory as
1069fe2885d8SVlad Temian    executable). (Vlad Temian)
10703b5475e9SXinchen Hui
10716ff0b24eSChristoph M. Becker07 Mar 2019, PHP 7.3.3
10723c98c2d0SNikita Popov
10733c98c2d0SNikita Popov- Core:
107492055ca7SXinchen Hui  . Fixed bug #77589 (Core dump using parse_ini_string with numeric sections).
107592055ca7SXinchen Hui    (Laruence)
1076203a2da3SDmitry Stogov  . Fixed bug #77329 (Buffer Overflow via overly long Error Messages).
1077203a2da3SDmitry Stogov    (Dmitry)
1078aa9a8dbdSDmitry Stogov  . Fixed bug #77494 (Disabling class causes segfault on member access).
1079aa9a8dbdSDmitry Stogov    (Dmitry)
1080f78e6814SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77498 (Custom extension Segmentation fault when declare static
1081f78e6814SNikita Popov    property). (Nikita)
1082ef68cd32Sekinhbayar  . Fixed bug #77530 (PHP crashes when parsing `(2)::class`). (Ekin)
1083f27f9022SGuillaume Degoulet  . Fixed bug #77546 (iptcembed broken function). (gdegoulet)
1084007ac353SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77630 (rename() across the device may allow unwanted access
1085007ac353SChristoph M. Becker    during processing). (Stas)
108619a9a6baSChristoph M. Becker
1087de738496SChristoph M. Becker- COM:
1088de738496SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77621 (Already defined constants are not properly reported).
1089de738496SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
1090767fa3dcSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77626 (Persistence confusion in php_com_import_typelib()). (cmb)
1091de738496SChristoph M. Becker
10926ff0b24eSChristoph M. Becker- EXIF:
10936ff0b24eSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77509 (Uninitialized read in exif_process_IFD_in_TIFF). (Stas)
10946ff0b24eSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77540 (Invalid Read on exif_process_SOFn). (Stas)
10956ff0b24eSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77563 (Uninitialized read in exif_process_IFD_in_MAKERNOTE). (Stas)
10966ff0b24eSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77659 (Uninitialized read in exif_process_IFD_in_MAKERNOTE). (Stas)
10976ff0b24eSChristoph M. Becker
10983c98c2d0SNikita Popov- Mbstring:
10993c98c2d0SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77514 (mb_ereg_replace() with trailing backslash adds null byte).
11003c98c2d0SNikita Popov    (Nikita)
11013c98c2d0SNikita Popov
11026ff0b24eSChristoph M. Becker- MySQL
11036ff0b24eSChristoph M. Becker  . Disabled LOCAL INFILE by default, can be enabled using php.ini directive
11046ff0b24eSChristoph M. Becker    mysqli.allow_local_infile for mysqli, or PDO::MYSQL_ATTR_LOCAL_INFILE
11056ff0b24eSChristoph M. Becker    attribute for pdo_mysql. (Darek Slusarczyk)
11066ff0b24eSChristoph M. Becker
11070da13086SJakub Zelenka- OpenSSL:
11080da13086SJakub Zelenka  . Fixed bug #77390 (feof might hang on TLS streams in case of fragmented TLS
11090da13086SJakub Zelenka    records). (Abyl Valg, Jakub Zelenka)
11100da13086SJakub Zelenka
1111bdce2954SChristopher Jones- PDO_OCI:
1112bdce2954SChristopher Jones  . Support Oracle Database tracing attributes ACTION, MODULE,
1113bdce2954SChristopher Jones    CLIENT_INFO, and CLIENT_IDENTIFIER. (Cameron Porter)
1114bdce2954SChristopher Jones
11156ff0b24eSChristoph M. Becker- PHAR:
11166ff0b24eSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77396 (Null Pointer Dereference in phar_create_or_parse_filename).
11176ff0b24eSChristoph M. Becker    (bishop)
11186ff0b24eSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77586 (phar_tar_writeheaders_int() buffer overflow). (bishop)
11196ff0b24eSChristoph M. Becker
11207d1df603SJoe Watkins- phpdbg:
11217d1df603SJoe Watkins  . Fixed bug #76596 (phpdbg support for display_errors=stderr). (kabel)
11227d1df603SJoe Watkins
1123ec28d4c2SAhmed Abdou- SPL:
1124ec28d4c2SAhmed Abdou  . Fixed bug #51068 (DirectoryIterator glob:// don't support current path
1125ec28d4c2SAhmed Abdou    relative queries). (Ahmed Abdou)
11266ff0b24eSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77431 (openFile() silently truncates after a null byte). (cmb)
1127ec28d4c2SAhmed Abdou
1128fe4d7248Sjohnstevenson- Standard:
1129fe4d7248Sjohnstevenson  . Fixed bug #77552 (Unintialized php_stream_statbuf in stat functions).
1130fe4d7248Sjohnstevenson    (John Stevenson)
1131eb063c8aSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77612 (setcookie() sets incorrect SameSite header if all of its
1132eb063c8aSNikita Popov    options filled). (Nikita)
113419a9a6baSChristoph M. Becker07 Feb 2019, PHP 7.3.2
1135a65133a1SChristoph M. Becker
1136ddfb44f2SDmitry Stogov- Core:
11371b7c599aSStanislav Malyshev  . Fixed bug #77369 (memcpy with negative length via crafted DNS response). (Stas)
113854a58a73SXinchen Hui  . Fixed bug #77387 (Recursion detection broken when printing GLOBALS).
113954a58a73SXinchen Hui    (Laruence)
1140e01f08f6SXinchen Hui  . Fixed bug #77376 ("undefined function" message no longer includes
1141e01f08f6SXinchen Hui    namespace). (Laruence)
114207873fabSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77357 (base64_encode / base64_decode doest not work on nested
114307873fabSNikita Popov    VM). (Nikita)
1144ddfb44f2SDmitry Stogov  . Fixed bug #77339 (__callStatic may get incorrect arguments). (Dmitry)
1145d2621c31SAnatol Belski  . Fixed bug #77317 (__DIR__, __FILE__, realpath() reveal physical path for
1146d2621c31SAnatol Belski    subst virtual drive). (Anatol)
114792045053SDmitry Stogov  . Fixed bug #77263 (Segfault when using 2 RecursiveFilterIterator). (Dmitry)
1148c8c5a3abSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77447 (PHP 7.3 built with ASAN crashes in
1149c8c5a3abSNikita Popov    zend_cpu_supports_avx2). (Nikita)
1150a1b1c53dSAnatol Belski  . Fixed bug #77484 (Zend engine crashes when calling realpath in invalid
1151a1b1c53dSAnatol Belski    working dir). (Anatol)
1152ddfb44f2SDmitry Stogov
115332ae7160SPedro Magalhães- Curl:
115432ae7160SPedro Magalhães  . Fixed bug #76675 (Segfault with H2 server push). (Pedro Magalh��es)
115532ae7160SPedro Magalhães
11566896d2a6SAnatol Belski- Fileinfo:
11576896d2a6SAnatol Belski  . Fixed bug #77346 (webm files incorrectly detected as
11586896d2a6SAnatol Belski    application/octet-stream). (Anatol)
11596896d2a6SAnatol Belski
1160766b4fd5SJakub Zelenka- FPM:
1161766b4fd5SJakub Zelenka  . Fixed bug #77430 (php-fpm crashes with Main process exited, code=dumped,
1162766b4fd5SJakub Zelenka    status=11/SEGV). (Jakub Zelenka)
1163766b4fd5SJakub Zelenka
1164b0cfa28dSChristoph M. Becker- GD:
11656b4cdbaaSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #73281 (imagescale(���, IMG_BILINEAR_FIXED) can cause black border).
11666b4cdbaaSChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
116761cfa34eSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #73614 (gdImageFilledArc() doesn't properly draw pies). (cmb)
1168772b1cb2SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77272 (imagescale() may return image resource on failure). (cmb)
1169b0cfa28dSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77391 (1bpp BMPs may fail to be loaded). (Romain D��oux, cmb)
117044fa0b0fSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77479 (imagewbmp() segfaults with very large images). (cmb)
1171b0cfa28dSChristoph M. Becker
1172a1b1c53dSAnatol Belski- ldap:
1173a1b1c53dSAnatol Belski  . Fixed bug #77440 (ldap_bind using ldaps or ldap_start_tls()=exception in
1174a1b1c53dSAnatol Belski    libcrypto-1_1-x64.dll). (Anatol)
1175a1b1c53dSAnatol Belski
11761b7c599aSStanislav Malyshev- Mbstring:
117776c687feSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77428 (mb_ereg_replace() doesn't replace a substitution
117876c687feSNikita Popov    variable). (Nikita)
11793ad0ebdfSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77454 (mb_scrub() silently truncates after a null byte).
11803ad0ebdfSNikita Popov    (64796c6e69 at gmail dot com)
11811b7c599aSStanislav Malyshev
11821732ce9cSAnatol Belski- MySQLnd:
11831a306cc9SDmitry Stogov  . Fixed bug #77308 (Unbuffered queries memory leak). (Dmitry)
11841732ce9cSAnatol Belski  . Fixed bug #75684 (In mysqlnd_ext_plugin.h the plugin methods family has
11851732ce9cSAnatol Belski      no external visibility). (Anatol)
11861732ce9cSAnatol Belski
11871b86f849SXinchen Hui- Opcache:
1188cd49db9dSXinchen Hui  . Fixed bug #77266 (Assertion failed in dce_live_ranges). (Laruence)
11891b86f849SXinchen Hui  . Fixed bug #77257 (value of variable assigned in a switch() construct gets
11901b86f849SXinchen Hui    lost). (Nikita)
1191ade702a0SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77434 (php-fpm workers are segfaulting in zend_gc_addre).
1192ade702a0SNikita Popov    (Nikita)
1193332b58f8SKevin Adler  . Fixed bug #77361 (configure fails on 64-bit AIX when opcache enabled).
1194332b58f8SKevin Adler    (Kevin Adler)
1195b2907527SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77287 (Opcache literal compaction is incompatible with EXT
1196b2907527SChristoph M. Becker    opcodes). (Nikita)
11971b86f849SXinchen Hui
1198b1deb98cSNikita Popov- PCRE:
1199b1deb98cSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77338 (get_browser with empty string). (Nikita)
1200b1deb98cSNikita Popov
1201cb009b12SNikita Popov- PDO:
1202cb009b12SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77273 (array_walk_recursive corrupts value types leading to PDO
1203cb009b12SNikita Popov    failure). (Nikita)
1204cb009b12SNikita Popov
120563c38c9eSLauri Kenttä- PDO MySQL:
120663c38c9eSLauri Kenttä  . Fixed bug #77289 (PDO MySQL segfaults with persistent connection).
120763c38c9eSLauri Kenttä    (Lauri Kentt��)
120863c38c9eSLauri Kenttä
1209361d3edeSNikita Popov- SOAP:
1210361d3edeSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77410 (Segmentation Fault when executing method with an empty
1211361d3edeSNikita Popov    parameter). (Nikita)
1212361d3edeSNikita Popov
1213b53d2b69SAnatol Belski- Sockets:
1214b53d2b69SAnatol Belski  . Fixed bug #76839 (socket_recvfrom may return an invalid 'from' address
1215b53d2b69SAnatol Belski    on MacOS). (Michael Meyer)
1216b53d2b69SAnatol Belski
1217b15189f4SCHU Zhaowei- SPL:
1218b15189f4SCHU Zhaowei  . Fixed bug #77298 (segfault occurs when add property to unserialized empty
1219b15189f4SCHU Zhaowei    ArrayObject). (jhdxr)
1220b15189f4SCHU Zhaowei
1221703ccd5dSXinchen Hui- Standard:
1222703ccd5dSXinchen Hui  . Fixed bug #77395 (segfault about array_multisort). (Laruence)
12235d33024aSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77439 (parse_str segfaults when inserting item into existing
12245d33024aSNikita Popov    array). (Nikita)
1225703ccd5dSXinchen Hui
1226deb88f22SChristoph M. Becker10 Jan 2019, PHP 7.3.1
122703a3a04eSChristoph M. Becker
122811ddf766SValentin V. Bartenev- Core:
122954739c7eSXinchen Hui  . Fixed bug #76654 (Build failure on Mac OS X on 32-bit Intel). (Ryandesign)
123011ddf766SValentin V. Bartenev  . Fixed bug #71041 (zend_signal_startup() needs ZEND_API).
123111ddf766SValentin V. Bartenev    (Valentin V. Bartenev)
1232d6595f27SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #76046 (PHP generates "FE_FREE" opcode on the wrong line).
1233d6595f27SNikita Popov    (Nikita)
12340061db55SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77291 (magic methods inherited from a trait may be ignored).
12350061db55SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
123611ddf766SValentin V. Bartenev
1237b3a6ca90SPierrick Charron- CURL:
1238b3a6ca90SPierrick Charron  . Fixed bug #77264 (curl_getinfo returning microseconds, not seconds).
1239b3a6ca90SPierrick Charron    (Pierrick)
1240b3a6ca90SPierrick Charron
1241115ee49bSChristoph M. Becker- COM:
1242115ee49bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77177 (Serializing or unserializing COM objects crashes). (cmb)
1243115ee49bSChristoph M. Becker
12449ec519e0SColin Basnett- Exif:
12459ec519e0SColin Basnett  . Fixed bug #77184 (Unsigned rational numbers are written out as signed
12469ec519e0SColin Basnett    rationals). (Colin Basnett)
12479ec519e0SColin Basnett
124860a9f7a3SChristoph M. Becker- GD:
124960a9f7a3SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77195 (Incorrect error handling of imagecreatefromjpeg()). (cmb)
1250b47b8886SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77198 (auto cropping has insufficient precision). (cmb)
1251a1aaec08SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77200 (imagecropauto(���, GD_CROP_SIDES) crops left but not right).
1252a1aaec08SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
1253c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77269 (efree() on uninitialized Heap data in imagescale leads to
1254c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker    use-after-free). (cmb)
1255c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77270 (imagecolormatch Out Of Bounds Write on Heap). (cmb)
1256c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker
1257c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker- MBString:
1258c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77367 (Negative size parameter in mb_split). (Stas)
1259c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77370 (Buffer overflow on mb regex functions - fetch_token).
1260c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker    (Stas)
1261c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77371 (heap buffer overflow in mb regex functions
1262c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker    - compile_string_node). (Stas)
1263c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77381 (heap buffer overflow in multibyte match_at). (Stas)
1264c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77382 (heap buffer overflow due to incorrect length in
1265c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker    expand_case_fold_string). (Stas)
1266c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77385 (buffer overflow in fetch_token). (Stas)
1267c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77394 (Buffer overflow in multibyte case folding - unicode).
1268c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker    (Stas)
1269c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77418 (Heap overflow in utf32be_mbc_to_code). (Stas)
127060a9f7a3SChristoph M. Becker
127178c299aeSChristopher Jones- OCI8:
127278c299aeSChristopher Jones  . Fixed bug #76804 (oci_pconnect with OCI_CRED_EXT not working). (KoenigsKind)
12738c37d5f4SChristopher Jones  . Added oci_set_call_timeout() for call timeouts.
12748c37d5f4SChristopher Jones  . Added oci_set_db_operation() for the DBOP end-to-end-tracing attribute.
127578c299aeSChristopher Jones
127617f8b9fbSNikita Popov- Opcache:
127717f8b9fbSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77215 (CFG assertion failure on multiple finalizing switch
127817f8b9fbSNikita Popov    frees in one block). (Nikita)
127993aabf15SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77275 (OPcache optimization problem for ArrayAccess->offsetGet).
128093aabf15SNikita Popov    (Nikita)
128117f8b9fbSNikita Popov
1282ea454583SAnatol Belski- PCRE:
1283ea454583SAnatol Belski  . Fixed bug #77193 (Infinite loop in preg_replace_callback). (Anatol)
1284ea454583SAnatol Belski
12852c4425a8SAdam Baratz- PDO:
12862c4425a8SAdam Baratz  . Handle invalid index passed to PDOStatement::fetchColumn() as error. (Sergei
12872c4425a8SAdam Baratz    Morozov)
12882c4425a8SAdam Baratz
1289c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker- Phar:
1290c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77247 (heap buffer overflow in phar_detect_phar_fname_ext). (Stas)
1291c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker
1292aaafd793SXinchen Hui- Soap:
1293aaafd793SXinchen Hui  . Fixed bug #77088 (Segfault when using SoapClient with null options).
1294aaafd793SXinchen Hui    (Laruence)
1295aaafd793SXinchen Hui
1296e672cd43SMizunashi Mana- Sockets:
1297e672cd43SMizunashi Mana  . Fixed bug #77136 (Unsupported IPV6_RECVPKTINFO constants on macOS).
1298e672cd43SMizunashi Mana    (Mizunashi Mana)
12999fc52c16SSara Golemon
1300e0e08d37SScott- Sodium:
1301e0e08d37SScott  . Fixed bug #77297 (SodiumException segfaults on PHP 7.3). (Nikita, Scott)
1303deb88f22SChristoph M. Becker- SPL:
1304deb88f22SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77359 (spl_autoload causes segfault). (Lauri Kentt��)
1305deb88f22SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77360 (class_uses causes segfault). (Lauri Kentt��)
1306deb88f22SChristoph M. Becker
130794ec262fSBohwaZ- SQLite3:
130894ec262fSBohwaZ  . Fixed bug #77051 (Issue with re-binding on SQLite3). (BohwaZ)
1310c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker- Xmlrpc:
1311c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77242 (heap out of bounds read in xmlrpc_decode()). (cmb)
1312c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77380 (Global out of bounds read in xmlrpc base64 code). (Stas)
1313c4c6b80bSChristoph M. Becker
13145be58a43SChristoph M. Becker06 Dec 2018, PHP 7.3.0
13155be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
13165be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Core:
13175be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Improved PHP GC. (Dmitry, Nikita)
13185be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Redesigned the old ext_skel program written in PHP, run:
13195be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    'php ext_skel.php' for all options. This means there are no dependencies,
13205be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    thus making it work on Windows out of the box. (Kalle)
13215be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Removed support for BeOS. (Kalle)
13225be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Add PHP_VERSION to phpinfo() <title/>. (github/MattJeevas)
13235be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Add net_get_interfaces(). (Sara, Joe, Anatol)
1324c0228f74SChristoph M. Becker  . Added gc_status(). (Benjamin Eberlei)
13255be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Implemented flexible heredoc and nowdoc syntax, per
13265be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    RFC https://wiki.php.net/rfc/flexible_heredoc_nowdoc_syntaxes.
13275be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Thomas Punt)
13285be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added support for references in list() and array destructuring, per
13295be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    RFC https://wiki.php.net/rfc/list_reference_assignment.
13305be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (David Walker)
13315be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Improved effectiveness of ZEND_SECURE_ZERO for NetBSD and systems
1332327e2d01SChristoph M. Becker    without native similar feature. (devnexen)
13335be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added syslog.facility and syslog.ident INI entries for customizing syslog
13345be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    logging. (Philip Prindeville)
13355be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75683 (Memory leak in zend_register_functions() in ZTS mode).
13365be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Dmitry)
13375be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75031 (support append mode in temp/memory streams). (adsr)
13385be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74860 (Uncaught exceptions not being formatted properly when
13395be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    error_log set to "syslog"). (Philip Prindeville)
13405be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75220 (Segfault when calling is_callable on parent).
13415be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (andrewnester)
13425be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #69954 (broken links and unused config items in distributed ini
13435be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    files). (petk)
13445be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74922 (Composed class has fatal error with duplicate, equal const
13455be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    properties). (pmmaga)
13465be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #63911 (identical trait methods raise errors during composition).
13475be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (pmmaga)
13485be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75677 (Clang ignores fastcall calling convention on variadic
13495be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    function). (Li-Wen Hsu)
13505be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #54043 (Remove inconsitency of internal exceptions and user
13515be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    defined exceptions). (Nikita)
13525be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #53033 (Mathematical operations convert objects to integers).
13535be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Nikita)
13545be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #73108 (Internal class cast handler uses integer instead of
13555be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    float). (Nikita)
13565be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75765 (Fatal error instead of Error exception when base class is
13575be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    not found). (Timur Ibragimov)
13585be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76198 (Wording: "iterable" is not a scalar type). (Levi Morrison)
13595be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76137 (config.guess/config.sub do not recognize RISC-V). (cmb)
13605be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76427 (Segfault in zend_objects_store_put). (Laruence)
13615be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76422 (ftruncate fails on files > 2GB). (Anatol)
13625be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76509 (Inherited static properties can be desynchronized from
13635be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    their parent by ref). (Nikita)
13645be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76439 (Changed behaviour in unclosed HereDoc). (Nikita, tpunt)
13655be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #63217 (Constant numeric strings become integers when used as
13665be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    ArrayAccess offset). (Rudi Theunissen, Dmitry)
13675be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #33502 (Some nullary functions don't check the number of
13685be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    arguments). (cmb)
13695be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76392 (Error relocating sapi/cli/php: unsupported relocation
13705be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    type 37). (Peter Kokot)
13715be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . The declaration and use of case-insensitive constants has been deprecated.
13725be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Nikita)
13735be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added syslog.filter INI entry for syslog filtering. (Philip Prindeville)
13745be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76667 (Segfault with divide-assign op and __get + __set).
13755be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Laruence)
13765be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76030 (RE2C_FLAGS rarely honoured) (Cristian Rodr��guez)
13775be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed broken zend_read_static_property (Laruence)
1378327e2d01SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76773 (Traits used on the parent are ignored for child classes).
13795be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (daverandom)
1380327e2d01SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76767 (���asm��� operand has impossible constraints in zend_operators.h).
13815be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (ondrej)
13825be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76752 (Crash in ZEND_COALESCE_SPEC_TMP_HANDLER - assertion in
13835be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    _get_zval_ptr_tmp failed). (Laruence)
13845be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76820 (Z_COPYABLE invalid definition). (mvdwerve, cmb)
13855be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76510 (file_exists() stopped working for phar://). (cmb)
13865be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76869 (Incorrect bypassing protected method accessibilty check).
13875be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Dmitry)
13885be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #72635 (Undefined class used by class constant in constexpr
13895be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    generates fatal error). (Nikita)
13905be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76947 (file_put_contents() blocks the directory of the file
13915be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (__DIR__)). (Anatol)
13925be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76979 (define() error message does not mention resources as
13935be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    valid values). (Michael Moravec)
13945be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76825 (Undefined symbols ___cpuid_count). (Laruence, cmb)
13955be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77110 (undefined symbol zend_string_equal_val in C++ build).
13965be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Remi)
13975be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
13985be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- BCMath:
1399327e2d01SChristoph M. Becker  . Implemented FR #67855 (No way to get current scale in use). (Chris Wright,
1400327e2d01SChristoph M. Becker    cmb)
14015be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #66364 (BCMath bcmul ignores scale parameter). (cmb)
14025be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75164 (split_bc_num() is pointless). (cmb)
14035be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75169 (BCMath errors/warnings bypass PHP's error handling). (cmb)
1404155aecd3SChristoph M. Becker
1405cf764f02SAnatol Belski- CLI:
14065be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #44217 (Output after stdout/stderr closed cause immediate exit
14075be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    with status 0). (Robert Lu)
1408cf764f02SAnatol Belski  . Fixed bug #77111 (php-win.exe corrupts unicode symbols from cli
1409cf764f02SAnatol Belski    parameters). (Anatol)
1410cf764f02SAnatol Belski
14115be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- cURL:
14125be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Expose curl constants from curl 7.50 to 7.61. (Pierrick)
14135be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74125 (Fixed finding CURL on systems with multiarch support).
14145be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (cebe)
14155be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
14165be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Date:
14175be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Implemented FR #74668: Add DateTime::createFromImmutable() method.
14185be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (majkl578, Rican7)
14195be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75222 (DateInterval microseconds property always 0). (jhdxr)
14205be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #68406 (calling var_dump on a DateTimeZone object modifies it).
14215be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (jhdxr)
14225be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76131 (mismatch arginfo for date_create). (carusogabriel)
1423327e2d01SChristoph M. Becker  . Updated timelib to 2018.01RC1 to address several bugs:
14245be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    . Fixed bug #75577 (DateTime::createFromFormat does not accept 'v' format
14255be58a43SChristoph M. Becker      specifier). (Derick)
14265be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    . Fixed bug #75642 (Wrap around behaviour for microseconds is not working).
14275be58a43SChristoph M. Becker      (Derick)
14285be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
14295be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- DBA:
14305be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75264 (compiler warnings emitted). (petk)
14315be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
14325be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- DOM:
14335be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76285 (DOMDocument::formatOutput attribute sometimes ignored).
14345be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Andrew Nester, Laruence, Anatol)
14355be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
14365be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Fileinfo:
14375be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77095 (slowness regression in 7.2/7.3 (compared to 7.1)).
14385be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Anatol)
14395be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
14405be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Filter:
14415be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added the 'add_slashes' sanitization mode (FILTER_SANITIZE_ADD_SLASHES).
14425be58a43SChristoph M. Becker	(Kalle)
14435be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
14445be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- FPM:
14455be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added fpm_get_status function. (Till Backhaus)
14465be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #62596 (getallheaders() missing with PHP-FPM). (Remi)
14475be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #69031 (Long messages into stdout/stderr are truncated
14485be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    incorrectly) - added new log related FPM configuration options:
14495be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    log_limit, log_buffering and decorate_workers_output. (Jakub Zelenka)
14505be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
14513ed07cc3SRemi Collet- ftp:
14523ed07cc3SRemi Collet  . Fixed bug #77151 (ftp_close(): SSL_read on shutdown). (Remi)
14533ed07cc3SRemi Collet
14545be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- GD:
1455327e2d01SChristoph M. Becker  . Added support for WebP in imagecreatefromstring(). (Andreas Treichel, cmb)
14565be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
14575be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- GMP:
14585be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Export internal structures and accessor helpers for GMP object. (Sara)
14595be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added gmp_binomial(n, k). (Nikita)
14605be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added gmp_lcm(a, b). (Nikita)
14615be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added gmp_perfect_power(a). (Nikita)
14625be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added gmp_kronecker(a, b). (Nikita)
14635be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
1464a56cdd0aSChristoph M. Becker- iconv:
14655be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #53891 (iconv_mime_encode() fails to Q-encode UTF-8 string). (cmb)
1466a56cdd0aSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77147 (Fixing 60494 ignored ICONV_MIME_DECODE_CONTINUE_ON_ERROR).
1467a56cdd0aSChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
1468a56cdd0aSChristoph M. Becker
1469336d2086SStanislav Malyshev- IMAP:
1470b1e25ce3SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77020 (null pointer dereference in imap_mail). (cmb)
1471336d2086SStanislav Malyshev  . Fixed bug #77153 (imap_open allows to run arbitrary shell commands via
1472336d2086SStanislav Malyshev    mailbox parameter). (Stas)
1473336d2086SStanislav Malyshev
14745be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Interbase:
14755be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75453 (Incorrect reflection for ibase_[p]connect). (villfa)
14765be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76443 (php+php_interbase.dll crash on module_shutdown). (Kalle)
1477dee5a450SNikita Popov
147868442312SAnatol Belski
14795be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- intl:
14805be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75317 (UConverter::setDestinationEncoding changes source instead
14815be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    of destination). (andrewnester)
14825be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76829 (Incorrect validation of domain on idn_to_utf8()
14835be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    function). (Anatol)
1484155aecd3SChristoph M. Becker
14855be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- JSON:
14865be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added JSON_THROW_ON_ERROR flag. (Andrea)
14874ffa4155SChristoph M. Becker
14885be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- LDAP:
14895be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added ldap_exop_refresh helper for EXOP REFRESH operation with dds overlay.
14905be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Come)
1491327e2d01SChristoph M. Becker  . Added full support for sending and parsing ldap controls. (Come)
14925be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #49876 (Fix LDAP path lookup on 64-bit distros). (dzuelke)
1493d7847973SRemi Collet
14945be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- libxml2:
14955be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75871 (use pkg-config where available). (pmmaga)
14965be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
14975be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- litespeed:
14985be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75248 (Binary directory doesn't get created when building
14995be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    only litespeed SAPI). (petk)
15005be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75251 (Missing program prefix and suffix). (petk)
15015be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
15025be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- MBstring:
15035be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Updated to Oniguruma 6.9.0. (cmb)
15045be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #65544 (mb title case conversion-first word in quotation isn't
15055be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    capitalized). (Nikita)
1506327e2d01SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #71298 (MB_CASE_TITLE misbehaves with curled apostrophe/quote).
15075be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Nikita)
15085be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #73528 (Crash in zif_mb_send_mail). (Nikita)
15095be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74929 (mbstring functions version 7.1.1 are slow compared to 5.3
15105be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    on Windows). (Nikita)
15115be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76319 (mb_strtolower with invalid UTF-8 causes segmentation
15125be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    fault). (Nikita)
15135be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76574 (use of undeclared identifiers INT_MAX and LONG_MAX). (cmb)
15145be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76594 (Bus Error due to unaligned access in zend_ini.c
15155be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    OnUpdateLong). (cmb, Nikita)
15165be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76706 (mbstring.http_output_conv_mimetypes is ignored). (cmb)
15175be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76958 (Broken UTF7-IMAP conversion). (Nikita)
15185be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77025 (mb_strpos throws Unknown encoding or conversion error).
15195be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Nikita)
15205be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77165 (mb_check_encoding crashes when argument given an empty
15215be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    array). (Nikita)
15225be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
15235be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Mysqlnd:
15245be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76386 (Prepared Statement formatter truncates fractional seconds
15255be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    from date/time column). (Victor Csiky)
1526ddd54401SAnatol Belski
152717df3a19SPeter Kokot- ODBC:
15285be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Removed support for ODBCRouter. (Kalle)
15295be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Removed support for Birdstep. (Kalle)
153017df3a19SPeter Kokot  . Fixed bug #77079 (odbc_fetch_object has incorrect type signature).
153117df3a19SPeter Kokot    (Jon Allen)
153217df3a19SPeter Kokot
1533f1ceec55SNikita Popov- Opcache:
15345be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76466 (Loop variable confusion). (Dmitry, Laruence, Nikita)
15355be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76463 (var has array key type but not value type). (Laruence)
15365be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76446 (zend_variables.c:73: zend_string_destroy: Assertion
15375be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    `!(zval_gc_flags((str)->gc)). (Nikita, Laruence)
15385be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76711 (OPcache enabled triggers false-positive "Illegal string
15395be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    offset"). (Dmitry)
1540f1ceec55SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77058 (Type inference in opcache causes side effects). (Nikita)
15414daa4138SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #77092 (array_diff_key() - segmentation fault). (Nikita)
154233fa02eaSJoe Watkins
15435be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- OpenSSL:
15445be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added openssl_pkey_derive function. (Jim Zubov)
15455be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Add min_proto_version and max_proto_version ssl stream options as well as
15465be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    related constants for possible TLS protocol values. (Jakub Zelenka)
15475be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
15485be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- PCRE:
1549327e2d01SChristoph M. Becker  . Implemented https://wiki.php.net/rfc/pcre2-migration. (Anatol, Dmitry)
15505be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Upgrade PCRE2 to 10.32. (Anatol)
15515be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75355 (preg_quote() does not quote # control character).
15525be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Michael Moravec)
15535be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76512 (\w no longer includes unicode characters). (cmb)
15545be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76514 (Regression in preg_match makes it fail with
15555be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    PREG_JIT_STACKLIMIT_ERROR). (Anatol)
15565be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76909 (preg_match difference between 7.3 and < 7.3). (Anatol)
15575be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
15585be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- PDO_DBlib:
1559327e2d01SChristoph M. Becker  . Implemented FR #69592 (allow 0-column rowsets to be skipped automatically).
1560327e2d01SChristoph M. Becker    (fandrieu)
15615be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Expose TDS version as \PDO::DBLIB_ATTR_TDS_VERSION attribute on \PDO
15625be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    instance. (fandrieu)
15635be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Treat DATETIME2 columns like DATETIME. (fandrieu)
15645be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74243 (allow locales.conf to drive datetime format). (fandrieu)
15655be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
15665be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- PDO_Firebird:
15675be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74462 (PDO_Firebird returns only NULLs for results with boolean
15685be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    for FIREBIRD >= 3.0). (Dorin Marcoci)
15695be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
15705be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- PDO_OCI:
15715be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74631 (PDO_PCO with PHP-FPM: OCI environment initialized
15725be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    before PHP-FPM sets it up). (Ingmar Runge)
15735be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
15745be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- PDO SQLite
15755be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Add support for additional open flags
15765be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
15775be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- pgsql:
1578327e2d01SChristoph M. Becker  . Added new error constants for pg_result_error(): PGSQL_DIAG_SCHEMA_NAME,
15815be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77047 (pg_convert has a broken regex for the 'TIME WITHOUT
15825be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    TIMEZONE' data type). (Andy Gajetzki)
15835be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
15845be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- phar:
15855be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74991 (include_path has a 4096 char limit in some cases).
15865be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (bwbroersma)
15875be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #65414 (deal with leading slash when adding files correctly).
15885be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (bishopb)
15895be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
15905be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- readline:
15915be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added completion_append_character and completion_suppress_append options
15925be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    to readline_info() if linked against libreadline. (krageon)
15935be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
15945be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Session:
15955be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74941 (session fails to start after having headers sent).
15965be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (morozov)
15975be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
15985be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- SimpleXML:
15995be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #54973 (SimpleXML casts integers wrong). (Nikita)
16005be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76712 (Assignment of empty string creates extraneous text node).
16015be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
16025be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
16035be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Sockets:
16045be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #67619 (Validate length on socket_write). (thiagooak)
16055be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
1606db47e353SCameron Porter- SOAP:
16075be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75464 (Wrong reflection on SoapClient::__setSoapHeaders).
16085be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (villfa)
16095be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #70469 (SoapClient generates E_ERROR even if exceptions=1 is
16105be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    used). (Anton Artamonov)
1611db47e353SCameron Porter  . Fixed bug #50675 (SoapClient can't handle object references correctly).
1612db47e353SCameron Porter    (Cameron Porter)
1613625f614cSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76348 (WSDL_CACHE_MEMORY causes Segmentation fault). (cmb)
16145be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77141 (Signedness issue in SOAP when precision=-1). (cmb)
16154ffa4155SChristoph M. Becker
16165be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- SPL:
16175be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74977 (Appending AppendIterator leads to segfault).
16185be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Andrew Nester)
16195be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75173 (incorrect behavior of AppendIterator::append in foreach
16205be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    loop). (jhdxr)
16215be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74372 (autoloading file with syntax error uses next autoloader,
16225be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    may hide parse error). (Nikita)
16235be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75878 (RecursiveTreeIterator::setPostfix has wrong signature).
16245be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
16255be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74519 (strange behavior of AppendIterator). (jhdxr)
16265be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76131 (mismatch arginfo for splarray constructor).
16275be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (carusogabriel)
16285be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
16295be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- SQLite3:
16305be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Updated bundled libsqlite to 3.24.0. (cmb)
163133fa02eaSJoe Watkins
16328827cc34SAnatol Belski- Standard:
16335be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added is_countable() function. (Gabriel Caruso)
16345be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added support for the SameSite cookie directive, including an alternative
16355be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    signature for setcookie(), setrawcookie() and session_set_cookie_params().
16365be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Frederik Bosch, pmmaga)
16375be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Remove superfluous warnings from inet_ntop()/inet_pton(). (daverandom)
16385be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75916 (DNS_CAA record results contain garbage). (Mike,
16395be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    Philip Sharp)
16405be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed unserialize(), to disable creation of unsupported data structures
16415be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    through manually crafted strings. (Dmitry)
16425be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75409 (accept EFAULT in addition to ENOSYS as indicator
16435be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    that getrandom() is missing). (sarciszewski)
16445be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74719 (fopen() should accept NULL as context). (Alexander Holman)
16455be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #69948 (path/domain are not sanitized in setcookie). (cmb)
16465be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75996 (incorrect url in header for mt_rand). (tatarbj)
16475be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added hrtime() function, to get high resolution time. (welting)
16485be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #48016 (stdClass::__setState is not defined although var_export()
16495be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    uses it). (Andrea)
16505be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76136 (stream_socket_get_name should enclose IPv6 in brackets).
16515be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (seliver)
16525be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76688 (Disallow excessive parameters after options array).
16535be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (pmmaga)
16545be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76713 (Segmentation fault caused by property corruption).
16555be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Laruence)
16565be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76755 (setcookie does not accept "double" type for expire time).
16575be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Laruence)
16585be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76674 (improve array_* failure messages exposing what was passed
16595be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    instead of an array). (carusogabriel)
16605be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76803 (ftruncate changes file pointer). (Anatol)
16615be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76818 (Memory corruption and segfault). (Remi)
16628827cc34SAnatol Belski  . Fixed bug #77081 (ftruncate() changes seek pointer in c mode). (cmb, Anatol)
16638827cc34SAnatol Belski
16645be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Testing:
1665327e2d01SChristoph M. Becker  . Implemented FR #62055 (Make run-tests.php support --CGI-- sections). (cmb)
166656665a1bSNikita Popov
1667e6c2ab54SChristoph M. Becker- Tidy:
1668327e2d01SChristoph M. Becker  . Support using tidyp instead of tidy. (devnexen)
16695be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74707 (Tidy has incorrect ReflectionFunction param counts for
16705be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    functions taking tidy). (Gabriel Caruso)
16715be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed arginfo for tidy::__construct(). (Tyson Andre)
1672e6c2ab54SChristoph M. Becker
167301948f20SNikita Popov- Tokenizer:
16745be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76437 (token_get_all with TOKEN_PARSE flag fails to recognise
16755be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    close tag). (Laruence)
16765be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75218 (Change remaining uncatchable fatal errors for parsing
16775be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    into ParseError). (Nikita)
16785be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76538 (token_get_all with TOKEN_PARSE flag fails to recognise
16795be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    close tag with newline). (Nikita)
168001948f20SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #76991 (Incorrect tokenization of multiple invalid flexible
168101948f20SNikita Popov    heredoc strings). (Nikita)
168201948f20SNikita Popov
168354e152cbSChristoph M. Becker- XML:
1684327e2d01SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #71592 (External entity processing never fails). (cmb)
168510800106SChristoph M. Becker
16865be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Zlib:
16875be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added zlib/level context option for compress.zlib wrapper. (Sara)
168836092b23SChristoph M. Becker
16895be58a43SChristoph M. Becker08 Nov 2018, PHP 7.2.12
16902e984dc7SPierrick Charron
16913bc4a63fSDmitry Stogov- Core:
169245cdcb2dSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #76846 (Segfault in shutdown function after memory limit error).
169345cdcb2dSNikita Popov    (Nikita)
169483e2b9e2SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #76946 (Cyclic reference in generator not detected). (Nikita)
16955be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77035 (The phpize and ./configure create redundant .deps file).
16965be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Peter Kokot)
16975be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77041 (buildconf should output error messages to stderr)
16985be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Mizunashi Mana)
169936092b23SChristoph M. Becker
1700c097acd5SAdam Saponara- Date:
17015be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Upgraded timelib to 2017.08. (Derick)
1702c097acd5SAdam Saponara  . Fixed bug #75851 (Year component overflow with date formats "c", "o", "r"
1703c097acd5SAdam Saponara    and "y"). (Adam Saponara)
17045be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77007 (fractions in `diff()` are not correctly normalized).
17055be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Derick)
1706c097acd5SAdam Saponara
17070c99755cSAnatol Belski- FCGI:
17080c99755cSAnatol Belski  . Fixed #76948 (Failed shutdown/reboot or end session in Windows). (Anatol)
170947b89bc5Sstodorovic  . Fixed bug #76954 (apache_response_headers removes last character from header
171047b89bc5Sstodorovic    name). (stodorovic)
17110c99755cSAnatol Belski
1712bb4a2e8bSManuel Mausz- FTP:
1713bb4a2e8bSManuel Mausz  . Fixed bug #76972 (Data truncation due to forceful ssl socket shutdown).
1714bb4a2e8bSManuel Mausz    (Manuel Mausz)
1715abfda3deSAnatol Belski
1716476fdf54SAnatol Belski- intl:
1717476fdf54SAnatol Belski  . Fixed bug #76942 (U_ARGUMENT_TYPE_MISMATCH). (anthrax at unixuser dot org)
1718476fdf54SAnatol Belski
1719d2477b28SNikita Popov- Reflection:
1720d2477b28SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #76936 (Objects cannot access their private attributes while
1721d2477b28SNikita Popov    handling reflection errors). (Nikita)
1722f0647eddSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #66430 (ReflectionFunction::invoke does not invoke closure with
1723f0647eddSNikita Popov    object scope). (Nikita)
1724d2477b28SNikita Popov
17255be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Sodium:
17265be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Some base64 outputs were truncated; this is not the case any more.
17275be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (jedisct1)
17285be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . block sizes >= 256 bytes are now supposed by sodium_pad() even
17295be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    when an old version of libsodium has been installed. (jedisct1)
17305be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77008 (sodium_pad() could read (but not return nor write)
17315be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    uninitialized memory when trying to pad an empty input). (jedisct1)
1732aec2d631SPierrick Charron
17335be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Standard:
17345be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76965 (INI_SCANNER_RAW doesn't strip trailing whitespace).
1735aec2d631SPierrick Charron    (Pierrick)
17367353dae8SRemi Collet
17375be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Tidy:
17385be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #77027 (tidy::getOptDoc() not available on Windows). (cmb)
17395be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
17405be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- XML:
17415be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #30875 (xml_parse_into_struct() does not resolve entities). (cmb)
17425be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Add support for getting SKIP_TAGSTART and SKIP_WHITE options. (cmb)
17435be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
17445be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- XMLRPC:
17455be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75282 (xmlrpc_encode_request() crashes). (cmb)
17465be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
17475be58a43SChristoph M. Becker11 Oct 2018, PHP 7.2.11
17485be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
1749655a99d1SDmitry Stogov- Core:
17503bc4a63fSDmitry Stogov  . Fixed bug #76800 (foreach inconsistent if array modified during loop).
17513bc4a63fSDmitry Stogov    (Dmitry)
1752294fb83eSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #76901 (method_exists on SPL iterator passthrough method corrupts
1753294fb83eSNikita Popov    memory). (Nikita)
1754e6585a47SChristoph M. Becker
17555be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- CURL:
17565be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76480 (Use curl_multi_wait() so that timeouts are respected).
17575be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Pierrick)
17585be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
17599cbe1283SChristoph M. Becker- iconv:
17609cbe1283SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #66828 (iconv_mime_encode Q-encoding longer than it should be).
17619cbe1283SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
17629cbe1283SChristoph M. Becker
1763b8ffa370SDmitry Stogov- Opcache:
1764d903fc08SAnatol Belski  . Fixed bug #76832 (ZendOPcache.MemoryBase periodically deleted by the OS).
1765d903fc08SAnatol Belski    (Anatol)
1766cfdd8281SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #76796 (Compile-time evaluation of disabled function in opcache
1767cfdd8281SNikita Popov    causes segfault). (Nikita)
1768d903fc08SAnatol Belski
17692677d438SChristoph M. Becker- POSIX:
17705be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75696 (posix_getgrnam fails to print details of group). (cmb)
17717353dae8SRemi Collet
1772c0a389a9SChristoph M. Becker- Reflection:
1773c0a389a9SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74454 (Wrong exception being thrown when using ReflectionMethod).
1774c0a389a9SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
1775c0a389a9SChristoph M. Becker
1776d21220d7SAnatol Belski- Standard:
1777742783c3SVille Hukkamaki  . Fixed bug #73457 (Wrong error message when fopen FTP wrapped fails to open
1778742783c3SVille Hukkamaki    data connection). (Ville Hukkam��ki)
17795be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74764 (Bindto IPv6 works with file_get_contents but fails with
17805be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    stream_socket_client). (Ville Hukkam��ki)
17815be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75533 (array_reduce is slow when $carry is large array).
17825be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Manabu Matsui)
17835be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
17845be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- XMLRPC:
17855be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76886 (Can't build xmlrpc with expat). (Thomas Petazzoni, cmb)
1786d21220d7SAnatol Belski
178790d86389SChristoph M. Becker- Zlib:
178890d86389SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75273 (php_zlib_inflate_filter() may not update bytes_consumed).
178990d86389SChristoph M. Becker    (Martin Burke, cmb)
179090d86389SChristoph M. Becker
17915be58a43SChristoph M. Becker13 Sep 2018, PHP 7.2.10
179266a43629SChristoph M. Becker
1793fd463a9aSXinchen Hui- Core:
17942aa3733dSXinchen Hui  . Fixed bug #76754 (parent private constant in extends class memory leak).
17952aa3733dSXinchen Hui    (Laruence)
17965be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #72443 (Generate enabled extension). (petk)
17975be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75797 (Memory leak when using class_alias() in non-debug mode).
17985be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Massimiliano Braglia)
1799d61ff37fSXinchen Hui
18005be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Apache2:
18015be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76582 (Apache bucket brigade sometimes becomes invalid). (stas)
1802326d3d48SPeter Kokot
1803e20baee1STyson Andre- Bz2:
1804e20baee1STyson Andre  . Fixed arginfo for bzcompress. (Tyson Andre)
1805e20baee1STyson Andre
18061012416aSPeter Kokot- gettext:
18071012416aSPeter Kokot  . Fixed bug #76517 (incorrect restoring of LDFLAGS). (sji)
18081012416aSPeter Kokot
18095be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- iconv:
18105be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #68180 (iconv_mime_decode can return extra characters in a
18115be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    header). (cmb)
18125be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #63839 (iconv_mime_decode_headers function is skipping headers).
18135be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
18145be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #60494 (iconv_mime_decode does ignore special characters). (cmb)
18155be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #55146 (iconv_mime_decode_headers() skips some headers). (cmb)
18165be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
18179eb51ce3SAnatol Belski- intl:
18189eb51ce3SAnatol Belski  . Fixed bug #74484 (MessageFormatter::formatMessage memory corruption with
18199eb51ce3SAnatol Belski    11+ named placeholders). (Anatol)
18209eb51ce3SAnatol Belski
18215be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- libxml:
18225be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76777 ("public id" parameter of libxml_set_external_entity_loader
18235be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    callback undefined). (Ville Hukkam��ki)
18245be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
1825c00f5e65SChristoph M. Becker- mbstring:
1826c00f5e65SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76704 (mb_detect_order return value varies based on argument
1827c00f5e65SChristoph M. Becker    type). (cmb)
18285be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
18295be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Opcache:
18305be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76747 (Opcache treats path containing "test.pharma.tld" as a phar
18315be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    file). (Laruence)
18320ba49597SSara Golemon
18334c542e6cSJakub Zelenka- OpenSSL:
183473a8f726SJakub Zelenka  . Fixed bug #76705 (unusable ssl => peer_fingerprint in
18354c542e6cSJakub Zelenka    stream_context_create()). (Jakub Zelenka)
18364c542e6cSJakub Zelenka
183781ebe930SChristoph M. Becker- phpdbg:
183881ebe930SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76595 (phpdbg man page contains outdated information).
183981ebe930SChristoph M. Becker    (Kevin Abel)
184081ebe930SChristoph M. Becker
18415be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- SPL:
18425be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #68825 (Exception in DirectoryIterator::getLinkTarget()). (cmb)
18435be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #68175 (RegexIterator pregFlags are NULL instead of 0). (Tim
18445be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    Siebels)
18452b1d79ceSXinchen Hui
18465be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Standard:
18475be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76778 (array_reduce leaks memory if callback throws exception).
18485be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
1849dcd4b321STyson Andre
18502c726739SPeter Kokot- zlib:
18512c726739SPeter Kokot  . Fixed bug #65988 (Zlib version check fails when an include/zlib/ style dir
18522c726739SPeter Kokot    is passed to the --with-zlib configure option). (Jay Bonci)
18531c1567c9SPeter Kokot  . Fixed bug #76709 (Minimal required zlib library is (petk)
18542c726739SPeter Kokot
18555be58a43SChristoph M. Becker16 Aug 2018, PHP 7.2.9
18567db988ccSChristoph M. Becker
18575be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Calendar:
18585be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #52974 (jewish.c: compile error under Windows with GBK charset).
18595be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
18605be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
18615be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Filter:
18625be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76366 (References in sub-array for filtering breaks the filter).
18635be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (ZiHang Gao)
18645be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
18655be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- PDO_Firebird:
18665be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76488 (Memory leak when fetching a BLOB field). (Simonov Denis)
1867a7746d10SXinchen Hui
186816035368SAnatol Belski- PDO_PgSQL:
186916035368SAnatol Belski  . Fixed bug #75402 (Possible Memory Leak using PDO::CURSOR_SCROLL option).
187016035368SAnatol Belski    (Anatol)
187116035368SAnatol Belski
1872d035bc2bSChristoph M. Becker- SQLite3:
1873d035bc2bSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed #76665 (SQLite3Stmt::bindValue() with SQLITE3_FLOAT doesn't juggle).
1874d035bc2bSChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
1875d035bc2bSChristoph M. Becker
1876d31d4d13SXinchen Hui- Standard:
18775be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #73817 (Incorrect entries in get_html_translation_table). (cmb)
1878d31d4d13SXinchen Hui  . Fixed bug #68553 (array_column: null values in $index_key become incrementing
1879d31d4d13SXinchen Hui    keys in result). (Laruence)
1880dcd6a6ffSChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76643 (Segmentation fault when using `output_add_rewrite_var`).
1881dcd6a6ffSChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
1883bf5a8136SAnatol Belski- Zip:
1884bf5a8136SAnatol Belski  . Fixed bug #76524 (ZipArchive memory leak (OVERWRITE flag and empty archive)).
1885bf5a8136SAnatol Belski    (Timur Ibragimov)
1886bf5a8136SAnatol Belski
18875be58a43SChristoph M. Becker19 Jul 2018, PHP 7.2.8
1888963998f0SChristoph M. Becker
1889ed9d1b70SNikita Popov- Core:
1890a394e155SXinchen Hui  . Fixed bug #76534 (PHP hangs on 'illegal string offset on string references
1891a394e155SXinchen Hui    with an error handler). (Laruence)
1892ed9d1b70SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #76520 (Object creation leaks memory when executed over HTTP).
1893ed9d1b70SNikita Popov    (Nikita)
1894701460baSNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #76502 (Chain of mixed exceptions and errors does not serialize
1895701460baSNikita Popov    properly). (Nikita)
1896ed9d1b70SNikita Popov
18975be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Date:
18985be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76462 (Undefined property: DateInterval::$f). (Anatol)
18995be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
19005be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- EXIF:
19015be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76409 (heap use after free in _php_stream_free). (cmb)
19025be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76423 (Int Overflow lead to Heap OverFlow in
19035be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    exif_thumbnail_extract of exif.c). (Stas)
19045be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76557 (heap-buffer-overflow (READ of size 48) while reading exif
19055be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    data). (Stas)
1906a1ae9d5fSAnatol Belski
190769dee5c7SNikita Popov- FPM:
190869dee5c7SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #73342 (Vulnerability in php-fpm by changing stdin to
190969dee5c7SNikita Popov    non-blocking). (Nikita)
191069dee5c7SNikita Popov
1911c793885bSNikita Popov- GMP:
1912787593b7SNikita Popov  . Fixed bug #74670 (Integer Underflow when unserializing GMP and possible
1913c793885bSNikita Popov    other classes). (Nikita)
1914c793885bSNikita Popov
19151118fca7SChristoph M. Becker- intl:
19161118fca7SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76556 (get_debug_info handler for BreakIterator shows wrong
19171118fca7SChristoph M. Becker    type). (cmb)
19181118fca7SChristoph M. Becker
1919bf5a802fSMarcus Schwarz- mbstring:
1920bf5a802fSMarcus Schwarz  . Fixed bug #76532 (Integer overflow and excessive memory usage
1921bf5a802fSMarcus Schwarz    in mb_strimwidth). (MarcusSchwarz)
1922bf5a802fSMarcus Schwarz
19235be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Opcache:
19245be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76477 (Opcache causes empty return value).
19255be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Nikita, Laruence)
19265be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
19275be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- PGSQL:
19285be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76548 (pg_fetch_result did not fetch the next row). (Anatol)
19295be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
19305be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- phpdbg:
19315be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fix arginfo wrt. optional/required parameters. (cmb)
19325be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
19335be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Reflection:
19345be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76536 (PHP crashes with core dump when throwing exception in
19355be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    error handler). (Laruence)
19365be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75231 (ReflectionProperty#getValue() incorrectly works with
19375be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    inherited classes). (Nikita)
19385be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
19395be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Standard:
19405be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76505 (array_merge_recursive() is duplicating sub-array keys).
19415be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Laruence)
19425be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #71848 (getimagesize with $imageinfo returns false). (cmb)
19435be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
19445be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Win32:
19455be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76459 (windows linkinfo lacks openbasedir check). (Anatol)
19465be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
19475be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- ZIP:
19485be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76461 (OPSYS_Z_CPM defined instead of OPSYS_CPM).
19495be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Dennis Birkholz, Remi)
19505be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
19515be58a43SChristoph M. Becker07 Jun 2018, PHP 7.2.7
19525be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
19535be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Core:
19545be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76337 (segfault when opcache enabled + extension use
19555be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    zend_register_class_alias). (xKhorasan)
19565be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
19575be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- CLI Server:
19585be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76333 (PHP built-in server does not find files if root path
19595be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    contains special characters). (Anatol)
19605be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
1961d404b5e2SJakub Zelenka- OpenSSL:
19625be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76296 (openssl_pkey_get_public does not respect open_basedir).
19635be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Erik Lax, Jakub Zelenka)
19645be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76174 (openssl extension fails to build with LibreSSL 2.7).
19655be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Jakub Zelenka)
1966d404b5e2SJakub Zelenka
19675be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- SPL:
19685be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76367 (NoRewindIterator segfault 11). (Laruence)
19695be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
19705be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Standard:
19715be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76410 (SIGV in zend_mm_alloc_small). (Laruence)
19725be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76335 ("link(): Bad file descriptor" with non-ASCII path).
19735be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Anatol)
19745be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
19755be58a43SChristoph M. Becker24 May 2018, PHP 7.2.6
19765be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
19775be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- EXIF:
19785be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76164 (exif_read_data zend_mm_heap corrupted). (cmb)
19795be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
19805be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- FPM:
19815be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76075 --with-fpm-acl wrongly tries to find libacl on FreeBSD.
19825be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (mgorny)
19835be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
19845be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- intl:
19855be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74385 (Locale::parseLocale() broken with some arguments).
19865be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Anatol)
19875be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
19885be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Opcache:
19895be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76205 (PHP-FPM sporadic crash when running Infinitewp). (Dmitry)
19905be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76275 (Assertion failure in file cache when unserializing empty
19915be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    try_catch_array). (Nikita)
19925be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76281 (Opcache causes incorrect "undefined variable" errors).
19935be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Nikita)
19945be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
19955be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Reflection:
19965be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed arginfo of array_replace(_recursive) and array_merge(_recursive).
19975be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (carusogabriel)
19985be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
19995be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Session:
20005be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74892 (Url Rewriting (trans_sid) not working on urls that start
20015be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    with "#"). (Andrew Nester)
20025be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20035be58a43SChristoph M. Becker26 Apr 2018, PHP 7.2.5
20045be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20055be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Core:
20065be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75722 (Convert valgrind detection to configure option).
20075be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Michael Heimpold)
20085be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20095be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Date:
20105be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76131 (mismatch arginfo for date_create). (carusogabriel)
20115be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20125be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Exif:
20135be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76130 (Heap Buffer Overflow (READ: 1786) in exif_iif_add_value).
20145be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Stas)
20155be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20165be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- FPM:
20175be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #68440 (ERROR: failed to reload: execvp() failed: Argument list
20185be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    too long). (Jacob Hipps)
20195be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed incorrect write to getenv result in FPM reload. (Jakub Zelenka)
20205be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20215be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- GD:
20225be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #52070 (imagedashedline() - dashed line sometimes is not visible).
20235be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
20245be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20255be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- iconv:
20265be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76249 (stream filter convert.iconv leads to infinite loop on
20275be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    invalid sequence). (Stas)
20285be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20295be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- intl:
20305be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76153 (Intl compilation fails with icu4c 61.1). (Anatol)
20315be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20325be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- ldap:
20335be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76248 (Malicious LDAP-Server Response causes Crash). (Stas)
20345be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20355be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- mbstring:
20365be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75944 (Wrong cp1251 detection). (dmk001)
20375be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76113 (mbstring does not build with Oniguruma 6.8.1).
20385be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (chrullrich, cmb)
20395be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20405be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- ODBC:
20415be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76088 (ODBC functions are not available by default on Windows).
20425be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (cmb)
20435be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20445be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Opcache:
20455be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76094 (Access violation when using opcache). (Laruence)
20465be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20475be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Phar:
20485be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76129 (fix for CVE-2018-5712 may not be complete). (Stas)
20495be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20505be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- phpdbg:
20515be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76143 (Memory corruption: arbitrary NUL overwrite). (Laruence)
20525be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20535be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- SPL:
20545be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76131 (mismatch arginfo for splarray constructor).
20555be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (carusogabriel)
20565be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20575be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- standard:
20585be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74139 (mail.add_x_header default inconsistent with docs). (cmb)
20595be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75996 (incorrect url in header for mt_rand). (tatarbj)
20605be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20615be58a43SChristoph M. Becker29 Mar 2018, PHP 7.2.4
20625be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20635be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Core:
20645be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76025 (Segfault while throwing exception in error_handler).
20655be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Dmitry, Laruence)
20665be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76044 ('date: illegal option -- -' in ./configure on FreeBSD).
20675be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Anatol)
20685be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20695be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- FPM:
20705be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75605 (Dumpable FPM child processes allow bypassing opcache
20715be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    access controls). (Jakub Zelenka)
20725be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20735be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- FTP:
20745be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed ftp_pasv arginfo. (carusogabriel)
20755be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20765be58a43SChristoph M. Becker-GD:
20775be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #73957 (signed integer conversion in imagescale()). (cmb)
20785be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76041 (null pointer access crashed php). (cmb)
20795be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed imagesetinterpolation arginfo. (Gabriel Caruso)
20805be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20815be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- iconv:
20825be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75867 (Freeing uninitialized pointer). (Philip Prindeville)
20835be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20845be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Mbstring:
20855be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #62545 (wrong unicode mapping in some charsets). (cmb)
20865be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20875be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Opcache:
20885be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75969 (Assertion failure in live range DCE due to block pass
20895be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    misoptimization). (Nikita)
20905be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20915be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- OpenSSL:
20925be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed openssl_* arginfos. (carusogabriel)
20935be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20945be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- PCNTL:
20955be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75873 (pcntl_wexitstatus returns incorrect on Big_Endian platform
20965be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (s390x)). (Sam Ding)
20975be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
20985be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Phar:
20995be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76085 (Segmentation fault in buildFromIterator when directory
21005be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    name contains a \n). (Laruence)
21015be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
21025be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Standard:
21035be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75961 (Strange references behavior). (Laruence)
21045be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed some arginfos. (carusogabriel)
21055be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #76068 (parse_ini_string fails to parse "[foo]\nbar=1|>baz" with
21065be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    segfault). (Anatol)
21075be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
21085be58a43SChristoph M. Becker01 Mar 2018, PHP 7.2.3
21095be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
21105be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Core:
21115be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75864 ("stream_isatty" returns wrong value on s390x). (Sam Ding)
21125be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
21135be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Apache2Handler:
21145be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75882 (a simple way for segfaults in threadsafe php just with
21155be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    configuration). (Anatol)
21165be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
21175be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Date:
21185be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75857 (Timezone gets truncated when formatted). (carusogabriel)
21195be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75928 (Argument 2 for `DateTimeZone::listIdentifiers()` should
21205be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    accept `null`). (Pedro Lacerda)
21215be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #68406 (calling var_dump on a DateTimeZone object modifies it).
21225be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (jhdxr)
21235be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
21245be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- LDAP:
21255be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #49876 (Fix LDAP path lookup on 64-bit distros). (dzuelke)
21265be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
21275be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- libxml2:
21285be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75871 (use pkg-config where available). (pmmaga)
21295be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
21305be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- PGSQL:
21315be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75838 (Memory leak in pg_escape_bytea()). (ard_1 at mail dot ru)
21325be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
21335be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Phar:
21345be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #54289 (Phar::extractTo() does not accept specific directories to
21355be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    be extracted). (bishop)
21365be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #65414 (deal with leading slash while adding files correctly).
21375be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (bishopb)
21385be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #65414 (deal with leading slash when adding files correctly).
21395be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (bishopb)
21405be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
21415be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- ODBC:
21425be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #73725 (Unable to retrieve value of varchar(max) type). (Anatol)
21435be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
21445be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Opcache:
21455be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75729 (opcache segfault when installing Bitrix). (Nikita)
21465be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75893 (file_get_contents $http_response_header variable bugged
21475be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    with opcache). (Nikita)
21485be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75938 (Modulus value not stored in variable). (Nikita)
21495be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
21505be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- SPL:
21515be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74519 (strange behavior of AppendIterator). (jhdxr)
21525be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
21535be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Standard:
21545be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75916 (DNS_CAA record results contain garbage). (Mike,
21555be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    Philip Sharp)
21565be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75981 (Prevent reading beyond buffer start in http wrapper).
21575be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Stas)
21585be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
21595be58a43SChristoph M. Becker01 Feb 2018, PHP 7.2.2
21605be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
21615be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Core:
21625be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75742 (potential memleak in internal classes's static members).
21635be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Laruence)
21645be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75679 (Path 260 character problem). (Anatol)
21655be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75614 (Some non-portable == in shell scripts). (jdolecek)
21665be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75786 (segfault when using spread operator on generator passed
21675be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    by reference). (Nikita)
21685be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75799 (arg of get_defined_functions is optional). (carusogabriel)
21695be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75396 (Exit inside generator finally results in fatal error).
21705be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Nikita)
21715be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
21725be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- FCGI:
21735be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75794 (getenv() crashes on Windows 7.2.1 when second parameter is
21745be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    false). (Anatol)
21755be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
21765be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- IMAP:
21775be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75774 (imap_append HeapCorruction). (Anatol)
21785be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
21795be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Opcache:
21805be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75720 (File cache not populated after SHM runs full). (Dmitry)
21815be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75687 (var 8 (TMP) has array key type but not value type).
21825be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Nikita, Laruence)
21835be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75698 (Using @ crashes php7.2-fpm). (Nikita)
21845be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75579 (Interned strings buffer overflow may cause crash).
21855be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Dmitry)
21865be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
21875be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- PDO:
21885be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75616 (PDO extension doesn't allow to be built shared on Darwin).
21895be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (jdolecek)
21905be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
21915be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- PDO MySQL:
21925be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75615 (PDO Mysql module can't be built as module). (jdolecek)
219371d16feeSChristoph M. Becker
21947a6dc296SAnatol Belski- PGSQL:
21955be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75671 (pg_version() crashes when called on a connection to
21965be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    cockroach). (magicaltux at gmail dot com)
21977a6dc296SAnatol Belski
21985be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Readline:
21995be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75775 (readline_read_history segfaults with empty file).
22005be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Anatol)
22016b5597f7SChristoph M. Becker
22025be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- SAPI:
22035be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75735 ([embed SAPI] Segmentation fault in
22045be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    sapi_register_post_entry). (Laruence)
22055be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
22065be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- SOAP:
22075be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #70469 (SoapClient generates E_ERROR even if exceptions=1 is
22085be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    used). (Anton Artamonov)
22095be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75502 (Segmentation fault in zend_string_release). (Nikita)
22105be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
22115be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- SPL:
22125be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75717 (RecursiveArrayIterator does not traverse arrays by
22135be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    reference). (Nikita)
22145be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75242 (RecursiveArrayIterator doesn't have constants from parent
22155be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    class). (Nikita)
22165be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #73209 (RecursiveArrayIterator does not iterate object
22175be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    properties). (Nikita)
2218f1c0500fSXinchen Hui
22194bd6be8aSXinchen Hui- Standard:
22205be58a43SChristoph M. Becker   . Fixed bug #75781 (substr_count incorrect result). (Laruence)
22215be58a43SChristoph M. Becker   . Fixed bug #75653 (array_values don't work on empty array). (Nikita)
22224bd6be8aSXinchen Hui
22235be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Zip:
22245be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Display headers (buildtime) and library (runtime) versions in phpinfo
22255be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (with libzip >= 1.3.1). (Remi)
22269b02ee0bSNikita Popov
22275be58a43SChristoph M. Becker04 Jan 2018, PHP 7.2.1
2228fdd9f572SStas Malyshev
22298db4543fSAnatol Belski- Core:
22305be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75573 (Segmentation fault in 7.1.12 and 7.0.26). (Laruence)
22315be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75384 (PHP seems incompatible with OneDrive files on demand).
22325be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Anatol)
22335be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75525 (Access Violation in vcruntime140.dll). (Anatol)
22345be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74862 (Unable to clone instance when private __clone defined).
22355be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Daniel Ciochiu)
22365be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75074 (php-process crash when is_file() is used with strings
22375be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    longer 260 chars). (Anatol)
22385be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #69727 (Remove timestamps from build to make it reproducible).
22395be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (jelle van der Waa)
2240fdd9f572SStas Malyshev
22415be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- CLI server:
22425be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #73830 (Directory does not exist). (Anatol)
2243ecc1a7c5SRobert Lu
22445be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- FPM:
22455be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #64938 (libxml_disable_entity_loader setting is shared between
22465be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    requests). (Remi)
22470cb6b17bSAnatol Belski
22485be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- GD:
22495be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75571 (Potential infinite loop in gdImageCreateFromGifCtx).
22505be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Christoph)
225192ae59cfSChristoph M. Becker
22525be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Opcache:
22535be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75608 ("Narrowing occurred during type inference" error).
22545be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Laruence, Dmitry)
22555be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75579 (Interned strings buffer overflow may cause crash).
22565be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Dmitry)
22575be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75570 ("Narrowing occurred during type inference" error).
22585be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Dmitry)
22595be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75681 (Warning: Narrowing occurred during type inference,
22605be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    specific case). (Nikita)
22615be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75556 (Invalid opcode 138/1/1). (Laruence)
2262dc99a13fSXinchen Hui
22635be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- PCRE:
22645be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74183 (preg_last_error not returning error code after error).
22655be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Andrew Nester)
22665334463eSAnatol Belski
22675be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Phar:
22685be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74782 (remove file name from output to avoid XSS). (stas)
22691cc99331SXinchen Hui
22705be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Standard:
22715be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75511 (fread not free unused buffer). (Laruence)
22725be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75514 (mt_rand returns value outside [$min,$max]+ on 32-bit)
22735be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Remi)
22745be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75535 (Inappropriately parsing HTTP response leads to PHP
22755be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    segment fault). (Nikita)
22765be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75409 (accept EFAULT in addition to ENOSYS as indicator
22775be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    that getrandom() is missing). (sarciszewski)
22785be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #73124 (php_ini_scanned_files() not reporting correctly).
22795be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (John Stevenson)
22805be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75574 (putenv does not work properly if parameter contains
22815be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    non-ASCII unicode character). (Anatol)
2282d04917c7SNikita Popov
22835be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Zip:
22845be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75540 (Segfault with libzip 1.3.1). (Remi)
22855be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
22865be58a43SChristoph M. Becker30 Nov 2017, PHP 7.2.0
22875be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
22885be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- BCMath:
22895be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #46564 (bcmod truncates fractionals). (liborm85)
22905be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
22915be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- CLI:
22925be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74849 (Process is started as interactive shell in PhpStorm).
22935be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Anatol)
22945be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74979 (Interactive shell opening instead of script execution
22955be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    with -f flag). (Anatol)
2296c5ab9169SRemi Collet
22975be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- CLI server:
22985be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #60471 (Random "Invalid request (unexpected EOF)" using a router
22995be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    script). (SammyK)
23001605f5b8SRemi Collet
2301f35f4590SKalle Sommer Nielsen- Core:
23035be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    ZEND_FUNC_NUM_ARGS, ZEND_FUNC_GET_ARGS instructions, to implement
23045be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    corresponding builtin functions. (Dmitry)
23055be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . "Countable" interface is moved from SPL to Core. (Dmitry)
23065be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added ZEND_IN_ARRAY instruction, implementing optimized in_array() builtin
23075be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    function, through hash lookup in flipped array. (Dmitry)
23085be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Removed IS_TYPE_IMMUTABLE (it's the same as COPYABLE & !REFCOUNTED). (Dmitry)
23095be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Removed the sql.safe_mode directive. (Kalle)
23105be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Removed support for Netware. (Kalle)
23115be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Renamed ReflectionClass::isIterateable() to ReflectionClass::isIterable()
23125be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (alias original name for BC). (Sara)
23135be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #54535 (WSA cleanup executes before MSHUTDOWN). (Kalle)
23145be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Implemented FR #69791 (Disallow mail header injections by extra headers)
23155be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Yasuo)
23165be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Implemented FR #49806 (proc_nice() for Windows). (Kalle)
23175be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fix pthreads detection when cross-compiling (ffontaine)
23185be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed memory leaks caused by exceptions thrown from destructors. (Bob,
23195be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    Dmitry).
23205be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #73215 (uniqid() should use better random source). (Yasuo)
23215be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Implemented FR #72768 (Add ENABLE_VIRTUAL_TERMINAL_PROCESSING flag for
23225be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    php.exe). (Michele Locati)
23235be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Implemented "Convert numeric keys in object/array casts" RFC, fixes
23245be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    bugs #53838, #61655, #66173, #70925, #72254, etc. (Andrea)
23255be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Implemented "Deprecate and Remove Bareword (Unquoted) Strings" RFC.
23265be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Rowan Collins)
23275be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Raised minimum supported Windows versions to Windows 7/Server 2008 R2.
23285be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Anatol)
23295be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Implemented minor optimization in array_keys/array_values(). (Sara)
23305be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added PHP_OS_FAMILY constant to determine on which OS we are. (Jan Altensen)
23315be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #73987 (Method compatibility check looks to original
23325be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    definition and not parent). (pmmaga)
23335be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #73991 (JSON_OBJECT_AS_ARRAY not respected). (Sara)
23345be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74053 (Corrupted class entries on shutdown when a destructor
23355be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    spawns another object). (jim at commercebyte dot com)
23365be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #73971 (Filename got limited to MAX_PATH on Win32 when scan
23375be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    directory). (Anatol)
23385be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #72359, bug #72451, bug #73706, bug #71115 and others related
23395be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    to interned strings handling in TS builds. (Anatol, Dmitry)
23405be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Implemented "Trailing Commas In List Syntax" RFC for group use lists only.
23415be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Sammy Kaye Powers)
23425be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74269 (It's possible to override trait property with different
23435be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    loosely-equal value). (pmmaga)
23445be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #61970 (Restraining __construct() access level in subclass gives
23455be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    a fatal error). (pmmaga)
23465be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #63384 (Cannot override an abstract method with an abstract
23475be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    method). (pmmaga, wes)
23485be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74607 (Traits enforce different inheritance rules). (pmmaga)
23495be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed misparsing of abstract unix domain socket names. (Sara)
23505be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Change PHP_OS_FAMILY value from "OSX" to "Darwin". (Sebastian, Kalle)
23515be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Allow loading PHP/Zend extensions by name in ini files (extension=<name>).
23525be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (francois at tekwire dot net)
23535be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added object type annotation. (brzuchal)
23545be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74815 (crash with a combination of INI entries at startup).
23555be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Anatol)
23565be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74836 (isset on zero-prefixed numeric indexes in array broken).
2357410de52bSDmitry Stogov    (Dmitry)
23585be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added new VM instuctions ISSET_ISEMPTY_CV and UNSET_CV. Previously they
23595be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    were implemented as ISSET_ISEMPTY_VAR and UNSET_VAR variants with
23605be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    ZEND_QUICK_SET flag. (Nikita, Dmitry)
23615be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #49649 (unserialize() doesn't handle changes in property
23625be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    visibility). (pmmaga)
23635be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed #74866 (extension_dir = "./ext" now use current directory for base).
23645be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Francois Laupretre)
23655be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Implemented FR #74963 (Improved error message on fetching property of
23665be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    non-object). (Laruence)
23675be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed Bug #75142 (buildcheck.sh check for autoconf version needs to be updated
23685be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    for v2.64). (zizzy at zizzy dot net, Remi)
23695be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74878 (Data race in ZTS builds). (Nikita, Dmitry)
23705be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75515 ("stream_copy_to_stream" doesn't stream anymore). (Sara)
23711738fa3eSChristoph M. Becker
237251404ad0SRemi Collet- cURL:
23735be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75093 (OpenSSL support not detected). (Remi)
23745be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Better fix for #74125 (use pkg-config instead of curl-config). (Remi)
2375f1fd11f4SSammy Kaye Powers
2376d9d13abaSMichael Moravec- Date:
23775be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #55407 (Impossible to prototype DateTime::createFromFormat).
23785be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (kelunik)
23795be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Implemented FR #71520 (Adding the DateTime constants to the
23805be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    DateTimeInterface interface). (Majkl578)
23815be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75149 (redefinition of typedefs ttinfo and t1info). (Remi)
2382a4da53a6SJoe Watkins  . Fixed bug #75222 (DateInterval microseconds property always 0). (jhdxr)
2383d9d13abaSMichael Moravec
23845be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Dba:
23855be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #72885 (flatfile: dba_fetch() fails to read replaced entry).
23865be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Anatol)
23875be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
23885be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- DOM:
23895be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Implement #74837 (Implement Countable for DomNodeList and DOMNamedNodeMap).
23905be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Andreas Treichel)
23915be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
23925be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- EXIF:
23935be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added support for vendor specific tags for the following formats:
23945be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    Samsung, DJI, Panasonic, Sony, Pentax, Minolta, Sigma/Foveon, AGFA,
23955be58a43SChristoph M. Becker	Kyocera, Ricoh & Epson. (Kalle)
23965be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #72682 (exif_read_data() fails to read all data for some
23975be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    images). (Kalle)
23985be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #71534 (Type confusion in exif_read_data() leading to heap
23995be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    overflow in debug mode). (hlt99 at blinkenshell dot org, Kalle)
24005be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #68547 (Exif Header component value check error).
24015be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (sjh21a at gmail dot com, Kalle)
24025be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #66443 (Corrupt EXIF header: maximum directory nesting level
24035be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    reached for some cameras). (Kalle)
24045be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed Redhat bug #1362571 (PHP not returning full results for
24055be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    exif_read_data function). (Kalle)
24065be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Implemented #65187 (exif_read_data/thumbnail: add support for stream
24075be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    resource). (Kalle)
24085be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Deprecated the read_exif_data() alias. (Kalle)
24095be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74428 (exif_read_data(): "Illegal IFD size" warning occurs with
24105be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    correct exif format). (bradpiccho at gmail dot com, Kalle)
24115be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #72819 (EXIF thumbnails not read anymore). (Kalle)
24125be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #62523 (php crashes with segfault when exif_read_data called).
24135be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Kalle)
24145be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #50660 (exif_read_data(): Illegal IFD offset (works fine with
24155be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    other exif readers). (skinny dot bravo at gmail dot com, Kalle)
24165be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
24175be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Fileinfo:
24185be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Upgrade bundled libmagic to 5.31. (Anatol)
24195be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
24205be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- FPM:
24215be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Configuration to limit fpm slow log trace callers. (Sannis)
24225be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75212 (php_value acts like php_admin_value). (Remi)
24235be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
24245be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- FTP:
24255be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Implement MLSD for structured listing of directories. (blar)
24265be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added ftp_append() function. (blar)
2427a59e233aSPeter Kokot
2428791410abSChristoph M. Becker- GD:
24295be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Implemented imageresolution as getter and setter (Christoph)
24305be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74744 (gd.h: stdarg.h include missing for va_list use in
24315be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    gdErrorMethod). (rainer dot jung at kippdata dot de, cmb)
24325be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75111 (Memory disclosure or DoS via crafted .bmp image). (cmb)
2433791410abSChristoph M. Becker
2434e05cba08SSara Golemon- GMP:
24355be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #70896 (gmp_fact() silently ignores non-integer input). (Sara)
2436e05cba08SSara Golemon
24375be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Hash:
24385be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Changed HashContext from resource to object. (Rouven We��ling, Sara)
24395be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Disallowed usage of non-cryptographic hash functions with HMAC and PBKDF2.
24405be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Andrey Andreev, Nikita)
24415be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed Bug #75284 (sha3 is not supported on bigendian machine). (Remi)
24420dbb327dSRemi Collet
24435be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- IMAP:
24445be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #72324 (imap_mailboxmsginfo() return wrong size).
24455be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (ronaldpoon at udomain dot com dot hk, Kalle)
24465be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
24475be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Intl:
24485be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #63790 (test using Spoofchecker which may be unavailable). (Sara)
24495be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75378 ([REGRESSION] IntlDateFormatter::parse() does not change
24505be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    $position argument). (Laruence)
24513e66ae67SRemi Collet
2452e8237705SAndrea Faulds- JSON:
24535be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Add JSON_INVALID_UTF8_IGNORE and JSON_INVALID_UTF8_SUBSTITUTE options for
24545be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    json_encode and json_decode to ignore or replace invalid UTF-8 byte
24555be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    sequences - it addresses request #65082. (Jakub Zelenka)
24565be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75185 (Buffer overflow in json_decode() with
24575be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    JSON_INVALID_UTF8_IGNORE or JSON_INVALID). (Jakub Zelenka)
24585be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #68567 (JSON_PARTIAL_OUTPUT_ON_ERROR can result in JSON with null
24595be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    key). (Jakub Zelenka)
2460e8237705SAndrea Faulds
24615e56d050SCôme Chilliet- LDAP:
24625be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Implemented FR #69445 (Support for LDAP EXOP operations)
24635be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed support for LDAP_OPT_SERVER_CONTROLS and LDAP_OPT_CLIENT_CONTROLS in ldap_get_option
24645be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed passing an empty array to ldap_set_option for client or server controls.
24655e56d050SCôme Chilliet
24665be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Mbstring:
24675be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Implemented request #66024 (mb_chr() and mb_ord()). (Masakielastic, Yasuo)
24685be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Implemented request #65081 (mb_scrub()). (Masakielastic, Yasuo)
24695be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Implemented request #69086 (enhancement for mb_convert_encoding() that
24705be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    handles multibyte replacement char nicely). (Masakielastic, Yasuo)
24715be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added array input support to mb_convert_encoding(). (Yasuo)
24725be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added array input support to mb_check_encoding(). (Yasuo)
24735be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #69079 (enhancement for mb_substitute_character). (masakielastic)
24745be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Update to oniguruma version 6.3.0. (Remi)
24755be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #69267 (mb_strtolower fails on titlecase characters). (Nikita)
24765be58a43SChristoph M. Becker
24775be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Mcrypt:
24785be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . The deprecated mcrypt extension has been moved to PECL. (leigh)
2479bd63c0f5SNikita Popov
24805be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- Opcache:
24815be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added global optimisation passes based on data flow analysis using Single
24825be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    Static Assignment (SSA) form: Sparse Conditional Constant Propagation (SCCP),
24835be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    Dead Code Elimination (DCE), and removal of unused local variables
24845be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Nikita, Dmitry)
24855be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed incorect constant conditional jump elimination. (Dmitry)
24865be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75230 (Invalid opcode 49/1/8 using opcache). (Laruence)
24875be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug (assertion fails with extended info generated). (Laruence)
24885be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug (Phi sources removel). (Laruence)
24895be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75370 (Webserver hangs on valid PHP text). (Laruence)
24905be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75357 (segfault loading WordPress wp-admin). (Laruence)
24912f509016SDavey Shafik
24925ce71134SJoe Watkins- OpenSSL:
24935be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Use TLS_ANY for default ssl:// and tls:// negotiation. (kelunik)
24945be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fix leak in openssl_spki_new(). (jelle at vdwaa dot nl)
24955be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added openssl_pkcs7_read() and pk7 parameter to openssl_pkcs7_verify().
24965be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (jelle at vdwaa dot nl)
24975be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Add ssl security_level stream option to support OpenSSL security levels.
24985be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Jakub Zelenka).
24995be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Allow setting SNI cert and private key in separate files. (Jakub Zelenka)
25005be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74903 (openssl_pkcs7_encrypt() uses different EOL than before).
25015be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Anatol)
25025be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Automatically load OpenSSL configuration file. (Jakub Zelenka)
2503be9edd83SThomas Punt
250461ae64f6SAnatol Belski- PCRE:
25055be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Added support for PCRE JIT fast path API. (dmitry)
25065be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #61780 (Inconsistent PCRE captures in match results). (cmb)
25075be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74873 (Minor BC break: PCRE_JIT changes output of preg_match()).
25085be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Dmitry)
25095be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75089 (preg_grep() is not reporting PREG_BAD_UTF8_ERROR after
25105be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    first input string). (Dmitry)
25115be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75223 (PCRE JIT broken in 7.2). (Dmitry)
25125be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #75285 (Broken build when system libpcre don't have jit support).
25135be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Remi)
251461ae64f6SAnatol Belski
25155be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- phar:
25165be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #74196 (phar does not correctly handle names containing dots).
25175be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (mhagstrand)
25195be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- PDO:
25205be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Add "Sent SQL" to debug dump for emulated prepares. (Adam Baratz)
25215be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Add parameter types for national character set strings. (Adam Baratz)
2522f0f6ac6bSTianfang Yang
25235be58a43SChristoph M. Becker- PDO_DBlib:
25245be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #73234 (Emulated statements let value dictate parameter type).
25255be58a43SChristoph M. Becker    (Adam Baratz)
25265be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Fixed bug #73396 (bigint columns are returned as strings). (Adam Baratz)
25275be58a43SChristoph M. Becker  . Expose DB-Library version as \PDO::DBLIB_ATTR_VERSION attribute on \PDO