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H A Dspprintf.h32 #define strpprintf zend_strpprintf
H A Dcalendar.c414 zend_strpprintf(0, "%i/%i/%i", month, day, year));
456 RETURN_NEW_STR(zend_strpprintf(0, "%i/%i/%i", month, day, year));
487 RETURN_NEW_STR(zend_strpprintf(0, "%i/%i/%i", month, day, year));
615 RETURN_NEW_STR(zend_strpprintf(0, "%i/%i/%i", month, day, year));
622 RETVAL_NEW_STR(zend_strpprintf(0, "%s %s %s", heb_number_to_chars(day, fl, &dayp), JEWISH_HEB_MONTH_NAME(year)[month], heb_number_to_chars(year, fl, &yearp)));
661 RETURN_NEW_STR(zend_strpprintf(0, "%i/%i/%i", month, day, year));
H A Dmicrotime.c81 RETURN_NEW_STR(zend_strpprintf(0, "%.8F %ld", tp.tv_usec / MICRO_IN_SEC, (long)tp.tv_sec));
H A Dzend_closures.c542 name = zend_strpprintf(0, "%s$%s",
546 name = zend_strpprintf(0, "%s$%s",
551 name = zend_strpprintf(0, "%s$param%d",
555 ZVAL_NEW_STR(&info, zend_strpprintf(0, "%s", i >= required ? "<optional>" : "<required>"));
H A Dzend.h231 ZEND_API zend_string *zend_strpprintf(size_t max_len, const char *format, ...) ZEND_ATTRIBUTE_FORMAT(printf, 2, 3);
233 /* Same as zend_spprintf and zend_strpprintf, without checking of format validity.
H A Dzend_operators.c550 zend_string *str = zend_strpprintf(0, "Resource id #" ZEND_LONG_FMT, (zend_long)Z_RES_HANDLE_P(op));
563 str = zend_strpprintf(0, "%.*G", (int) EG(precision), dval);
864 return zend_strpprintf(0, "Resource id #" ZEND_LONG_FMT, (zend_long)Z_RES_HANDLE_P(op));
870 return zend_strpprintf(0, "%.*G", (int) EG(precision), Z_DVAL_P(op));
2992 str = zend_strpprintf(0, "%.*G", (int) EG(precision), (double)Z_DVAL_P(op));
H A Dzend.c245 ZEND_API zend_string *zend_strpprintf(size_t max_len, const char *format, ...) /* {{{ */ function
H A Dsockets.c2863 seg_name = zend_strpprintf(0, "php_wsa_for_%u", SOCKETS_G(wsa_child_count)++);

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